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Apr 27, 2015
Male_user DLPP

Article: NYC Ensemble Bringing Music to SC Prison

Faith-based prisoner programs have proved their worth. Spiritual transformation wrought by God's grace is a powerful means for inmates to have a sense a purpose during their remaining time behind bars, as well as a strong deterrent to re-offending once they're released back to the street. See www.dlpp.info
Mar 30, 2015
Female_user mamasan

Article: A Better Way to Fight Recidivism

But at the end of the day...they are still convicts. Do you really want the newly released thief, extortionist, child molester or rapist in your house fixing your air conditioning? Heating system? Working on your car? in your yard? I'm not sure I do. While it may be true that they need jobs in order to NOT return to prison, how willing are we, as citizens, to have them out and about those we hold dear?
Mar 30, 2015
Female_user mamasan

Article: Thinking with a Twisted Mind

Good copy! Interesting reading and very true!
Mar 27, 2015
Male_user John

Article: There’s Hope Even for Sex Offenders

Does your organization hire registered sex offenders, or not?
Mar 18, 2015
Female_user cstewart

Article: CDCR and California Community Colleges Partner to Expand College Opportunities to Inmates

This is wonderful news! My college has been serving incarcerated students for many years. As the librarian for the college, I have grappled with providing learning support, library resources, and research instruction to students who are unable to access the Internet. It is my hope that as higher education makes inroads into prisons across the state, that library and tutoring services are considered and funded. College accreditation depends, in part, upon adequate learning support for ALL students. Also, since the goal is to prepare prisoners to succeed outside of prison walls, their development of information competency knowledge and skills is absolutely essential. I look forward to participating in finding the solutions to the library and learning support challenge.
Mar 06, 2015
Male_user jpnoonan

Article: Guns don't deter sexual assaults

Mar 03, 2015
Drc_logo_small OHIOco

Article: Manslaughter convict found dead in Derby home

Your telling me that a person can kill an elderly citizen and be back out of prison only 7 years later? what a joke.
Mar 03, 2015
Drc_logo_small OHIOco

Article: A rare look inside a Saudi prison where terrorists see perks, not harsh conditions

what a joke.
Mar 03, 2015
Drc_logo_small OHIOco

Article: State Workers Vie To Win Back Food Service Contract For Ohio's Prisons

How is that not a violation of ethics? O wait, the Governor owns publicly traded stock in Aramark as well and guess who controls the ethics board? The Governor.
Mar 03, 2015
Drc_logo_small OHIOco

Article: State Workers Vie To Win Back Food Service Contract For Ohio's Prisons

I bet he's not, considering he owns publicly traded stock in Aramark.
Mar 02, 2015
Female_user buckshot

Article: Montana DOC-Families can now send money to inmates online

Feb 24, 2015
Male_user frydd666

Article: Stories In The Prison Camp

Good stories!
Feb 24, 2015
Male_user frydd666

Article: You have a boo-boo?

I think articles like this are very good! I do not work in a prison, I work in a county jail, so a lot of things like this, we are routinely subject to. we do however also have inmates from prison that we house here for different periods of time and information like this is always good to know. I signed up for this sight things just like this. There are a lot of prison Correctional Officers out there that have a ton of experience and I am always happy to have them post their experiences and training on here. It would be difficult for one person to cover everything, but with the diverse group that is here, it opens up all kinds of opportunities. Mr. Bouchard has written some very good articles. They are concise and to the point. Excellent job Sir! My thanks and gratitude to all of the people that write in with experiences either on the job, or training. It helps me greatly to do my job better.
Feb 12, 2015
Male_user CognitiveEme...

Article: Incarcerated Youth at Risk: Is Your Facility Doing Enough to Avoid Liability?

What we have found in Oklahoma is the imprisoned youth lack the brain development necessary to learn factual or purposeful information. What is lacking is the Implicit Domain foundation which supports the memory and reasoning abilities in academic settings. Without this Implicit Learning Domain foundation, youth will struggle in trying to remember important details and instructions. Dr. John N. Hatfield www.cog-systems.com 405-706-6950
Feb 04, 2015
Male_user James

Article: If It Saves One Child

"If it saves one live" I guess that is the battle cry today with these sex registry's and all these sex crimes going on today. Yes, man appears to be getting above mortal man in their endeavor to keep people in bondage. With today's computer board's and communicative means' they have tried to be smarter than God it appears. Human nature is always going to be human nature. Could we all say during the Hitler regime "If it saves one life" and predict that it did or did not. I use that as an example but the truth is, The sex registry doesn't have a real foundation to it as those on the registry are a mixed breed of people that have a carnal mind and all people... whether government or not have a carnal nature. I am on the registry myself and if it saves' that police officer that badgered me into this than I have to say it didn't. If one has something tangible than one could say that it saved someone, but if you have something that's induced by these cat and mouse games that law enforcement play than it becomes intangible. Now crime is crime no matter what but when crime is induced with a weapon of sex when one is enjoying his adult pleasure of talking to adults and some kid is in there that has no business to being in an adult chat rooms and one run's over one in his attempts to talk to an adult than its not saving anyone. There is only one reason than an adult would go into a teenage chat room ===and its not to say Susie, its time to come home===but I'm sure the average person knows what I'm talking about. Something that is real taking place is a crime not some pumped up action to justify themselves as in these internet sting operations. Should the registry be taken down because they say" If it saves one life", well I think it doesn't serve any purpose. We did just as good without it. It has only been around since these Megan law's started and the Adam Walsh thing. Sure people are going to cry foul but just think of what the registry has done for the American citizen.....job discrimination, housing discrimination of where they can live, library discrimination, social discrimination, rules and restrictions and its as if this crime is no different from any other crime. Sure I don't like abuse of any type but when human's are being abused by law enforcement that take in into there own hands to induce you and entice you in some way than it is their actions that government should adhere to... I couldn't care one less about my neighbor or his or her past as that is a part of their life. "If it save's one life" are we talking about the then or now or are we just predicting that it save's one's life. Remember Jesus saves', Man doesn't. and I can tell you that these internet sting operations are a bit way off base. God would not set people up. think about that?
Feb 03, 2015
Male_user johngflynn657

Article: An Interview with Bernard Melekian, Director, US Department of Justice-Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

visit here låneside som pengepungen
Feb 03, 2015
Male_user OaklandTribu...

Article: Inmate escapes from Contra Costa Jail

After reviewing the video, the Tribune discovered Tenuto didn't over power a guard, he simply walked out an open door. He then knock on a nearby house and asked if he could please use the phone. When the man said "no", tenuto said "OK I am sorry I disturbed you, by." After reviewing court records all charges except the escape were dismissed. OaklandTribune
Jan 19, 2015
Male_user Richard I. G...

Article: Reverse FISO (Forced Impromptu Speech Opportunity)

Joe: Interesting article! What you call Reverse FISO Toastmasters International calls Table Topics, and a lot has been written about it. I just blogged about it here: http://joyfulpublicspeaking.blogspot.com/2015/01/reverse-fiso-or-table-topics.html Richard
Jan 18, 2015
Female_user ladagosta

Article: There’s Hope Even for Sex Offenders

This story is somewhat long but then again who's isn't. My son has bi Polar yet he is gifted and was attending college at age 16 had a year under his belt when he was forced to get a job and try to support me when I lost the ability to work due to permanent disability ( someone needed to pay the mortgage) We lost the house and moved back to PA when he was 18 the laws were not in place yet to provide those with mental health issues the safety net to cover costs of medication and dr appointments to maintain his treatment not until 4 years later and we were still not aware of the new law covering this so one thing led to another and he began to self medicate by smoking pot .. his 4 year relationship ended when his fiancee told him she was no longer attracted to him the same week his grandmother passed away and he was beginning a new job, this stress landed him in the hospital as he tried to end his life. again the safety net was still not in place until later that year. he continue his self medicating and the following year his car was t Boned still holding a low paying job and not knowing how he was going to keep it without a car his grandmother signed a loan for him to get a car that should last him long enough to pay the loan and save for another car when this one was needing to be replaced. The accident set him into a manic episode that continued through the summer. finally around July 17th we confronted him about his behaviors as he was setting all his goals up in the right direction but destroying them with certain negative actions as well as lying to me which he never did before most recently . that hurt but he needed help and we knew it. he broke down and let it all out told the truth about every thing that he was messing up with with consulted a lawyer since he had smoked with a gal who wasn't yet 16 and this was bound to be a problem so we needed to find out what can be done. not much more than a month later he was arrested in the squad car he asked the detective if when they get to the station could he place a call. he was then threatened if he wanted to *expletive* then I will have all these charges held to the longest time possible putting you away for life. when he got to the station he asked again to make a call they said no not until you admit what you did . at the time he didn't want his girlfriend to find out what this was about so when they threaten to show her every thing he finally said what do you want me to say.. they spoon fed him a confession and before he signed it asked to make a call again they said no not happening he signed it and then asked again to make a call they said no calls until after you stand in from of the magistrate. well i get a call about 5 or 6 hours later saying he had no choice they told him what to say and he signed it he is now arraigned and going to jail. OMG what . so now they have made the case! I called his attorney and he was at a ball game and couldn't hear me and asked me to call back I never called I figured what would have been an easy case, is now going to cost money that no one has, way more than we can think about so all was quiet over the weekend until Monday he got jumped in prison when they were moving him in genpop then again on the block the next day.. he isn't a snitch but sure had an issue with him reading the newspaper. Unreal .. he was at an all time low point in his life.. my mom posted a bail bond cause they set that at 75,000 like he was a flight risk a man with a lowly salary and no passport? the bond people assured her she would get the money back so long as he appeared at sentencing to find out a year later they don't plan to give her a cent back. we are fighting it cause no where does it state the premium is non refundable and we were told differently 3 people heard the same thing. so anyway done is done, he made a plea this past Oct stood in front of the judge and the judge said he wanted to give him the lightest possible sentence but due to her mothers witness statement he gave him 10 - 23 months oh this is a felony 2 charge in PA btw.. which initially they wrote it up as a felony 1 charge they had his birth date wrong also didn't have a warrant to seize items at his job which is where they went to find him after coming to the house and nearly arresting my youngest son stating they had their man.. I said oh no you must be mistaken.. he has been stuck in the house and unable to go anywhere for nearly a year this is not right. so they had him take them to his place of work a residence he worked as rehab support team and they seized his brothers lap top gym bag and electronic key to his car a pack of trading cards items they didn't have a warrant for .. so I am upset they violated laws to put him in this situation. We were told it is his word against theirs..they made their case what do you want to do ,, no money what can we do.. the bail money is the lawyer money provided he didn't say a thing. But now it will follow him beyond eternity.. and back.. so yeah everything is A OK here in lala land.. and everyone who is charged should be and deserves it .. The girl consented but the mother filed against him the police said it was the girl who filed.. which made him think she really played him.. later to find it was the mother .. the girl is now in foster care and hopefully will never find out he is in this mess cause I am sure that would ruin her for life thinking "hooking up" with him over the course of less than a week ruined his life. I know it would have destroyed me to think I did this much damage to someone i cared about. They were friends for like 2 or 3 years prior to this now they can not communicate sue to this.. and I am sure if she took the stand she would have said nothing. but maybe i am wrong.. I know he certainly regrets meeting her now.. and deciding to self medicate. but the system is not perfect not by a long shot.. and this is far beyond justice I could go on ad tell you about my past but no one got in trouble over that and it was far worse than what happened here .. I didn't make any one pay for my mistakes or decisions. they were mine the good the bad and the UGLY.. I knew at age 15 what i was doing she did too.. case close.. sign with blood here..
Dec 18, 2014
Female_user Sekhmet

Article: Cultural Competence

Very nice article, too bad CURRENT law enforcement staff don't see this as applying to them as well. This article would do well in public media sector so that more law enforcement personnel could read it as well.
Dec 16, 2014
Male_user swagner

Article: Unconscious Bias in Prisons

Thank you for the article, Mr. ToersBijns. I appreciate you bringing up this point, especially at this moment in our history, There are many good steps available in the accepted literature that one can take to address the racial and other biases that are a part of all of us. We live in a time when information is exploding on this subject. It's so important to get it right among those who need to understand it the most. Probably the most important points to get across about racial and the dozens of other common biases we share is that 1) everyone has them, without exceptions, and 2) simply talking and thinking for a minute about our biases one time, in a class, has been shown in studies to have a very significant affect in reducing the unhealthy affects of bias in our lives. Because bias is unconscious, we can't ever see it, but it turns out that we can begin to recognize it in ourselves and others simply by recognizing it exists, and thinking about how it might play out in our lives. This is wonderful news, actually, because it's so simple, and because this simple intervention has a powerful effect that isn't permanent, but can have an effect in the short- and medium-term. Whereupon it's incumbent to- do it again. In other words, taking bias seriously occasionally, is itself probably the most important tool for reducing our biases. A correctional officer can, for example, guess when racial bias might come up for him, thinking through scenarios that stress him or her out (high levels of bias usually appear under stress). The whole process is a little like using two or three mirrors to see a mole on your back; you can't ever see bias directly, but if you try hard, you may see the evidence of it in your life. Or in your co-workers: being able to see it in others helps you to identify it in yourself. You can pay attention to language and attitude clues in those around you. It doesn't have to be talk about "niggers"; it could be just the way a person says "black" or "convict" that hints of possible unhealthy bias. One of the real issues in research that has come up is that our pre-judgments, or as they are less nicely known, our stereotypes and prejudices, tend to be accurate and useful in life. This is the opposite of what most people think, but it makes sense right away- that's how we can deal with a teenager properly, or take proper care with someone who could be violent, or even have a great date happen. We work with the little information we have about the particular situation, and then mix that in with things we've heard, or remember, or guess, or been frightened by. All of that stored information is accessed in a mysterious way by our subconscious mind. One reason why unhealthy bias is so tough to deal with is that we're saying that most of the 'gut feelings' you use on your job are hard-won and essential skills, and others are dangerous and unhealthy. To our mind, they both look the same All we can do is keep scanning with our conscious mind to see if what we're doing really makes sense, given what you know and what you're not sure of. Most of the time in life, your pre-judgements are right; paying attention to the possibility of bias helps them be right more often.
Dec 05, 2014
Female_user Hunna Queen

Article: “Bloods” More Gang Knowledge

Dec 04, 2014
Male_user kalexander2

Article: Characteristics of Successful Ex-Felons: A Microanalysis

This is an excellent, and much needed article, but more emphasis on higher education need to be discussed. As someone who has experienced, on more than one location, the challenges (and penalties) of poverty and negative influences, I know firsthand that to be uninformed and desperate is to taste the recipe of personal of disaster. a person cannot self correct without information. Information and exposure offered at American Universities and colleges is the master-key to any door. And, when a person is armed with a college degree he/she is ready to do battle no matter how powerful elitists are. When I was 18 year of age I enrolled in city college, dropped out due to extreme poverty and commenced the journey of several felony convictions; at age 58 I returned to school seeking a career that would counteract my age and felony convictions. Not much has changed with respect to my income, but I am not the same person I was before I returned to school. I am calm but still angry, still poor but patient and tolerate of my plight in life. I am now able to 'problem solve' with the best possible solutions to any issue I encounter in life, and I no longer feel like a 'victim.' My exposure to new ideas and people of all races have placed my among the very best, even if I cannot match bankbooks with any of them because I know what they know.
Dec 04, 2014
Male_user Lil 5

Article: “Bloods” More Gang Knowledge

What's poppin hit me up tryin to be a true Blood 5052897448 5popping 6droppin
Dec 02, 2014
Female_user roses81731

Article: When Opportunity Knocks: Analyzing Criminal Motivation and Habits

Informative. Thanks!

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