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Sep 17, 2014
Female_user Computer Lit...

Article: Corrections Learning Network: An Update

I am looking at Tech 101 (Try It! and Brainstorming Activities Packet developed by ESD 101's Educational Technology Support Center. It is geared/related towards Windows 98, 2000 or XP operating systems. Do you have an updated version 2007 or higher? Is there a catalog for these CLN Try It! & Brainstorming activities packets? I would love to use them as hand-out packets during Modified Program status. SANDRA M. LAFFERTY Vocational Instructor Computer Literacy Bldg. 485 Rm. 128 900 Quebec Ave. Corcoran, CA 93212 Email: sandra.lafferty@cdcr.ca.gov Office Phone: (559) 992-7100 ext. 7144 Fax: (559) 992-7144 call me before you Fax CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited and may violate applicable laws, including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply email and destroy all copies of the original message.
Sep 12, 2014
Male_user TeresaSeekins

Article: District Attorney Presents Consumer Protection Day to Prevent Fraud

It’s a great help for every individual to be aware about different kinds of fraud and violence. However, there is some news that mostly seniors become the target of a swindler for financial matters. Scam is already part of our life and culture so might as well be aware and cautious of whom you talk to. Your search is over, all the facts you will need is at Match Financial!
Sep 11, 2014
Female_user sheila.dickson

Article: Attacking Civilians in Correctional Facilities

Excellent article. Clear, concise, well organized. Nine years ago when I began working as mental health free staff in a prison, my official training/working-in-a-prison education consisted of a couple of hours in a classroom, being told to watch my back and viewing pictures of inmate-manufactured weapons. Since then, I have had hundreds of mental health departmental training hours devoted to which piece of paper to use, but nothing about safety. I work in lock-up units and rely upon the wonderful custody officers to help me stay safe. They give me heads-up on individuals and remind me to stand away from the solid door that an inmate is beckoning me towards - "He can hear you just fine from where you are!" I am grateful for the on-going training the C/Os provide me.
Sep 06, 2014
Male_user sneekreaper

Article: “Crip” Gang Knowledge

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Sep 05, 2014
Female_user Chrissy

Article: Inmate Death at Smyrna Correctional Center Investigated as Suicide

I don't believe this young man should have been placed in that facility as his older brother works there as a corrections officer. Also B. DeJesus was placed in Secured Housing unit that also houses inmates with life sentences. He was only a probation violator waiting to be placed in the Crest Rehab Program. Placed in Secured a housing unit alone isolated yet withdrawing from heroin addiction. Placed there "for his own safety" away from general population because sibling works there. Should have been removed and transferred to Sussex county corrections. Administrative personnel were aware of the issue immediately. Hung from vent using a sheet. Give a thin sheet to someone withdrawing left alone with an air vent accessible. He was a long term heroin user so those withdraw symptoms don't just go away in 5 days. The vomitting and diarrhea may subside but the muscle spasms, all over pain, hot flashes and cold chills, depression and anxiety (to name a few) continue. This death could have been prevented.
Aug 26, 2014
Male_user johnd.nd1

Article: Montana DOC-Families can now send money to inmates online

w3here do i send money for inmate
Aug 26, 2014
Male_user johnd.nd1

Article: MT DOC: Families can now send money to women inmates online

Aug 26, 2014
Male_user legendisme

Article: “Bloods” More Gang Knowledge

Straight up, after scrolling down through all those comments and reading as much as one could read due to fact that everyone. of them had a max of one or two correctly spelled words.. Not even halfway through I felt retarded, true story. My point is, that all of y'all, Damu and Crabs alike give the whole game a bad taste in its mouth with all that illiterate display of ignorance, for real. That being said,..I Bleed Blood Red with a B-line destination. I found the Red Flag and embraced it, all that criminalistic sht, I didn't take it, see smart is how I stay all day playing it, that's not saying I'm a saint. Mistakes were made, for a good bit of time Jail was the address to where it was I staying.. I'm just saying, to kill a man for lack of correct color change is insane, I've never done it nor ever plan to do it and you can quote me on that sht, Blood true its not my first time saying it.. Soo-Woo I'm convicted to, Damu. Bergandy shades, games unplayed, all day I say blue is better in few. More room for Me, You and You. Established, check the laces in the shoes! Take a crip, turn it backwards. B's up, take and place a C on its backboard, now look at it now it looks just like its supposed to..Piru! Bloodily love overrides oppression, destruction...comes from stupity, lack of education and y'all fcks inability to exceed past a 1st grade learning level. Yeah, I said it! Say something!! Beast btch, balls out!
Aug 26, 2014
Female_user blueeyesl4

Article: Sex Offender Laws Are Based On Rage and Fear

As to CMH's comment on 06/16/2013, Your message seemed to reflect your own personal resentment on the subject rather than an accurate opinion based on facts. You start by saying that the information provided by this page is inaccurate based on people not being caught for sex offenses. If they are not caught, how can you use them as an example since they very well might not even exist. Its not like you have a list of people who have committed sex offenses and have not been caught because, if you did and had the evidence to support it, they would be convicted. Without proof of committing a sex offense, it would be impractical to try and guess at how many non convicted offenders are out there and add them to a study of recidivism. Are there people in the world who commit crimes and are not caught? Yes, I think that's a given, but not just sex offenders and as far as I know, any attempt to calculate the number would be unsubstantial guess work. You say that you doubt that any convicted sex offenders are innocent. I am not sure how that would affect this topic one way or another, but I did notice that you said shorty after that you are aware that there are women who have falsely accused men of such offenses. That seems like quite the contradiction. You do say that a woman falsely accusing a man would give up before a conviction, but wouldn't that depend on the strength of the motive? Being raped ofcourse would be a strong motive for a woman to stick with the process, but what about an unfaithful man? Wouldn't a women who already committed herself to a lie be willing to see it through if she hated the man she used to love for something unthinkable like sleeping with her sister or best friend perhaps. That's just one example, but I'm sure there are plenty of possible motives. The heart of this page I think is to say that once a sex offender, or any criminal for that matter, has completed his or her sentence, should they be allowed to live out the rest of there lives free from persecution? I am hardly impartial as I married an ex-sex offender, but I think the answer should be obvious. Yes, the price has been paid by the established laws. Let these people live out what remains of their lives in peace. Me and my husband have three wonderful kids and he treats me like a queen. His offense happened in 1999 with an underage girl. At that time he lived each day for the next party and the next bottle. he was released in 2006 and hasn't touched a drop of alcohol since. He spends all his free time with me and the kids and we couldn't be happier. The crime happened over 15 years ago. He did his time in prison and came out a better person. At that time he was also sentenced to 25 years on the sex offender registry which has caused us grief without end. Hateful neighbors and hateful people in general with access to enough information to perpetuate their hatred. To make things worse, he was reclassified and a tier three sex offender and his registration period was extended to life. Without committing a new crime, how can his sentence be extended beyond what the judge set for him? He was forced to sign papers under threat of felony and misdemeanor charges being put against him if he should fail to sign. Why even bother having him sign under duress? Wouldn't the signature be invalid in that situation anyway? I say let him live his life with me and stop persecuting him. Let him finish his 25 year registry if its necessary, but for God's sake let it be over after that and stop increasing his punishment for a crime in which he has already paid for.
Aug 25, 2014
Female_user Marie

Article: There’s Hope Even for Sex Offenders

My boyfriend and prior to that, a friend of four years was convicted and served time for a crime he did indeed admit to doing to a minor, inappropriate touching and exposure. (This was over fourteen years ago and he served seven years in a treatment facility) He was old enough to know better but was sexually sodimized at age 12 and never received treatment. Instead, he used alcohol to numb the pain. He has gone through all the treatment programs and is classified as compliant and low risk. He has been sober for thirteen years. He works at a low wage job and has basically worked hard to better his life but this effects our future since he has another five years on parole and already served five years. I know what he did was wrong and he regrets his choices and admits freely to them however the penal system keeps him bound as though he were a murderer when let's face it, in Vermont you can get away with murder. I wonder if the criminal justice system could perhaps have a a level of parole for sex crimes for those who comply and tier their probation system to be less costly for tax payers?
Aug 24, 2014
Male_user taztheaftermath

Article: “Bloods” More Gang Knowledge

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Aug 18, 2014
Female_user lizling

Article: Correctional Officers Don’t Palaver Much

There are at least three Corrections-oriented groups on Facebook for Illinois correctional staff. One is faith-oriented, the other two are closed groups. Discussion in these groups ranges across all issues affecting front line employees and reflects many of the concerns reflected in this article. I suspect one of the reason correctional employees don't discuss things like this at work is that they're too darn busy doing their jobs to visit and another is concern about retribution from administration. These groups provide an opportunity to share information without those impediments.
Aug 15, 2014
Female_user Guard4

Article: Dad brings son in prison drugs, gets prison term

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Like father, like son.
Aug 15, 2014
Female_user Dolores Hale...

Article: Corrections Officer is honored for her work

I am one of the original 2 correctional employees who filed the original suit. The other Captain is deceased. That was Dolores Sanders. And me, Dolores Young. Our name is in the Philadelphia Court records. As I was reviewing my work history I came across your article. We were the ones who pursued the discrimination suit after going through tough times not being able to promote. Just some vital information for you to check out. We were the pioneers. I retired as a Lieutenant, and she retired as a Captain. Also check out the Philadelphia Prisons records. I was sort of bypassed as a partner at the dinners and awards programs. Since I retired in 1993. But we had equal roles in the suit. Dolores Young
Aug 07, 2014
Male_user cheapkobe8

Article: Blackburn Prison Escapees Recaptured

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Aug 07, 2014
Male_user cheapkobe8

Article: Missouri Man Executed

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Aug 07, 2014
Male_user cheapkobe8

Article: Victory lap

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Aug 05, 2014
Female_user devil woman

Article: Corrections: Minority Populations

i have been fighting the prison system in maine for over 2 years trying to help an inmate in the windham correctional center. this man suffers daily an ive gone thru the proper channels only to be ignored ridiculed laughed at neglected ,all the same stuffas this man is dealing with but he is extremely ill .officials know about all of this right up to the governor and still ignored they never call when they say they will.i have promises from the previous commiioner IN writing that ive shown the new commissioner an been given the run around . ive contacted an begged every one i could to help me . our commissioner did absolutly nothing while knowing all along an still allowing it to continue. but i get no response when asking who will take responsibility for this mans health issues which if taken care of wouldnt have had to b tortured everyday for over 8 yrs. i have proof of all of this and am working with the civil liberties union and channel 6 investigating these prisons.due to deaths abuse denied medical treatment and other atrocities. with no consequenses. please help me its not right whats going on there, please contact me at 207 240 7522 or burnham.kathleen@yahoo.com as soon as possible i eagerly await your response or will you do as others an ignore my pleas Thank You for your time
Aug 04, 2014
Female_user Darcus

Article: Community and corrections partner through innovative health care program

I listen to the presentation to CSPAN by Mr. Rosenberg (8/4/14) and was very much on board with his findings surrounding SUD and Mental Heath being tied to Community Health and wanted to know more about initiating policy change in Tallahassee Florida. I have worked in SUD for over 30 years and now have a 1/2 Way reentry faith based house for females returning to Leon County. Thank you for this collaborative informative venue for information.
Aug 02, 2014
Female_user blueeyesforme

Article: There’s Hope Even for Sex Offenders

Hi everyone...I am not a sex offender. My problem is I fell in love with one...now dont get me wrong i would never say what he did was ok no way. i met him at my church and knew nothing of his crime we dated a few times we also did many church activities together he is an amazing man so kind gentle and caring. it was about a year after knowing him that he finally opened up to me and told me the aweful crime he commited. He molested his daughterwhen she was about 9 or 10....he went to prison for 6 years, two years of therapy. When he told me I was livid! I hadbeen married to a man that molested my grand daughter previously he was in prison for the exact same thing this wonderful caring man had done!!! Ironic huh? it was like crazy! I was furious at him but that monster he descibed was not the man i saw before me. I never knew him i only knew my sweet caring man that i fell in love with. So this is my my problem......as a christian we are to forgive correct? A person that whole heartedly asks for forgiveness from God He forgives...but we in this society do not. He repented and paid a high price for his actions....but that isnt enough he still has to pay forever.by regestering as an offender everyone knows what this man has done. He will zllways be labled as a preditor. he has never re offended never he takes classes every week he also goes to a recovery program every other week. I dont think its right......
Jul 31, 2014
Male_user brucepowers

Article: Heman G. Stark Facility Closes to Juvenile Offenders

Just found this site while trying to show my grandchildren proof of my mis-spent youth. In 1960 at the age of 16 I was comitted to Paso Robles School for Boys from Orange County. At the reception center at Norwalk they were going to releaSE ME AFTER 6 WEEKS evaluation, but my stepfather refused to accept responsibility for me on parole and said Paso Robles would be good for me. My criminal history in Anaheim consisted of truancy and trespassing [sneaking over the fence at Disneyland]. Orange Co was always stricter than L.A. After serving either 5 or 7 month program at Paso I was paroled to my Uncle in Colorado. My uncle just wanted free labor for his dairy farm so I ran away back to Anaheim and while there stole a car and violated parole so was sent to Stark, but back then [1962] it was known as Y.T.S. Ontario and I was in Unit 3 "T" Block which had just been completed. Compared to Paso it was pretty progressive. I Got my H.S. diploma and half a day took office machine repair trade school. I was 17 and 18 and there were inmates up to 25 years. I did a program which was 11 months I believe. Very little fighting or gang activity back then & something worked because I have never been arrested since. The counselors seemed genuinely caring especially a Mr. Rich a black counselor and my trade instructor Mr. Crandall.
Jul 30, 2014
Male_user Robert-Peratik

Article: Why Judicial Corporal Punishment Is Better Than Incarceration

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Citing CP use in slavery is offensive & most definitely "apples & oranges". CP in slavery was brutal & left scars. Slaves were second-class citizens & pets, & whippings were meant to enforce that & keep you in your place. In regards to my comment of having the option of a woman administering to a man, I don't know if Mr. Gleissner broached that in his book. You need to carefully think this through before "knee-jerking" a protest. You have a clear sexist issue if this is refused. Also, a man flogging a man is a known homosexual "kink", & you have no way of 100% guarding against that with a heterosexual inmate. Women are going to ask "why can't we?". You DON'T want the following: A male inmate is sentenced to CP. He requests a woman administer, & is refused. Why? To show who's boss around here? That's the way it is, Jack? A man whips him, he retaliates, & is killed in a shootout. You want that nightmare, guys? Didn't think that through, did you? The investigation reveals that he requested a woman...Do I need to go any further?
Jul 29, 2014
Male_user Robert-Peratik

Article: Why Judicial Corporal Punishment Is Better Than Incarceration

What I believe (& I know the article didn't go there) I fully believe in judicial CP, but only women to men. Essentially, the old-fashioned 1930's-1940's reformatories. A man should have a choice of a woman administering, & there's no argument on this. A man to man is wrong. There could be a homosexual motive & they get into the "you're not right" or "Wyatt Earp" guy crap. With women, it's right. Essentially, naked, brought before women, restrained to a bench, & administered severe paddlings, strappings, & canings. I don't believe that women should receive judicial CP. It's usually woman to woman, & almost always turns into "breaking" her rather than punishing her. It is also an offensive practice to submissive males.
Jul 21, 2014
Male_user rdarling@dor...

Article: Bridge the Gaps in Generations Today

If I understand MS. Carmichael correctly, not saying I do, it sounds as if she is disgruntled because she has to wait her turn. Even though I understand her eagerness to move further in her career I must admit that I'm one of those that have retired and continue to clog up the system due to my rehire to the same position after retirement. I, a 28 year vet, to had to wait my turn to move forward myself. I started my career in 1986 and remained a private through most of my a career until 2009 and now serve my agency as a Captain. It's hard after 28 years of service to simply start over into a new career field, especially when you have bills, children still in school and so forth. During my entire career I've worked 2 to 3 jobs in order to support my family and now that, for first time in my career, I make good money I'm certainly not interested in giving up my profession especially with todays economy and with very few & limited employment opportunities. I do believe however, that todays leaders need to be educators teaching their subordinates/employees to take over their positions for the future and for the best interest of their agency. I feel that managers are only as good as their subordinates perform. How can you expect them to fulfill management positions & roles if they're not trained to do so. No matter what type of manager you are how can you expect someone to fill your shoes unless you guide, direct and teach them preparedness. Sharing your experience and knowledge instead of the old method of not educating preventing your replacement. How can you consider yourself dedicated to your agency setting your employees up for failure instead of success. Today, way to often, individuals get promoted and haven't a clue what needs to be done, leading to unnecessary law suits, poor management skills and even worst, the fall guy, the person who is dedicated but fails no matter their best efforts simple because of poor training and job education. Managers need to share their wealth of experience because no matter how long you intend to stay on the job the one thing that no one can change is that time eventually catches up with everyone. Maybe anyone wanting to move forward in their career simply needs to patient and take every opportunity to learn from their supervisor, understanding their type of management skills and knowledge then concentrate on applying what they've learned to be even a better and even the best supervisor they can be when their time comes.
Jul 21, 2014
Female_user kandy poggi

Article: Keeping Our Kids Out of Gangs

I totally agree with your analogy regarding kids and gangs. But what I also see is, it is to expense for so many family to put their children into sports. I believe being involved and keeping your children involved and helping them feel good about themselves is the key. When you have a Grandmother raising her grandchildren and it cost $300.00 a piece for each child to play youth sports these children cant play. So now the kids are hanging out on the street and Grandmother is doing the best she can with what she has. Or you have parents that are to busy to get involved and you cant get teams together. I have raised 4 kids and now I have 12 grandchildren. I have worked with children all my life and all they want is to be loved and what to feel good and excepted. Some how we need to get the costs down get more parents involved and get kids back to playing sports. We will see less kids in gangs. I see a great deal of indulgence which raises the costs, more volunteers by parents and this will give more children the opportunity to play.

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