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Barry Evert launches his own site on

This week Sergeant Barry Evert, veteran practitioner and author, launches his new site on Evert fans can now get a regular dose of his survival tips, gang information, and industry tactics. Subscribe to his RSS feed and leave comments. Check it out!


Understanding Communications in Corrections

by Tracy E. Barnhart

I thought that I knew how to verbally de-escalate individuals and generate voluntary compliance through my emanation of authority, that is, until my first day with inmates. When I was a police officer I was very confident in my weapons systems and had a clear understanding of the use of force continuum and where I stood as it related to my abilities... full story


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Just starting out

Mick: "Eyes and Ears open. Mouth shut." Never ever discuss anything of a personal or operational nature in hearing range of any inmate...
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Security Manager - Alaska

Maintain a continuous state of alertness and awareness to control and secure the facility and residents.
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"Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure."
- George Edward Woodberry


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