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Tell It Like It Is

Understanding the Prison Riot or Disturbance

by Tracy E. Barnhart

I guess the first question that I can ask is, “how do you prevent disturbances or riots from occurring?” The answer is, you cannot. Disturbances and riots have been occurring since there have been prisons. full story


Equipment you wear

Striker: I was wondering that with all the equipment that is worn for CO’s, how do you adjust it so it is comfortable during a shift?
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Positive Psychology and Incarceration: Can you promote positive emotion in inmates and staff?

By Joe W. Hatcher, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Championed by David Seligman, Positive Psychology has seen considerable use with so-called “problem” populations, such as children who are having difficulty in school. For the past year, my colleague Jean Redman-Zank and I have been running therapy groups based on Positive Psychology principles at a medium security men’s institution in Wisconsin. And it’s been fun.
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Licensed Practical Nurse – Florida – Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Staff nurse basic duties are to be responsible for direct nursing care of inmates incarcerated in the detention facility in accordance with established policies and procedures of the facility and the accepted standard of nursing practice within the state. The primary responsibilities are to provide sick call, deliver medication, respond to emergencies, and conduct physical assessments on inmates.

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"I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell."
- Harry S. Truman


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