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What cell extraction tools do you wish you had?

illuminati: In my facility we have all the above mentioned items and for last resort a mace ball gun.
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I swear!

By Joe Bouchard

Chances are you will hear swearing every single day while you work in corrections. To most, it is not unusual. In fact, it is as normal part of the job as a burn is to a fry cook. But profanity can polarize staff and cause bigger problems than initially suspected.
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  • August – Off The Clock – What practitioners do in their leisure time [Please send us stories of what you do when your "off the clock" to]

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Criminal Investigator – Idaho – Kootenai County

Duties include but not limited to investigation for the PAO; witness location and subpoena service; interviewing victims and witnesses, trial exhibit preparation, and assist attorneys in trial; also acts as liaison with other law enforce. agencies.

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