Mental health exams for Juvenile Justice workers

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The MMPI has been utilized extensively for assisting agencies in trying to determine which personality types they feel are best suited to work with youth, but like any pre-service tool, they are only as good as the supporting training and culture an agency provides to deter negative events from employees... full thread


Perceptive Thinking and Prerogative Skills

Carl ToersBijns
We tend to forget that we as humans, have the reserved right to change our minds. The reasons for changing one’s mind can be many and complex in nature but irrespective, we have that right and should not be criticized for doing so. It should be become a mandatory and not so difficult process to understand but always an option left open to rectify any mistaken calculations or decisions made in the past. The best way to recognize the rationality to change your mind is to review your thoughts and beliefs on the original concept you perceived or understood... .. full story

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The Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) is seeking talented psychologists to work on the leading edge of the comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and management of civilly committed sexual offenders. We are committed to being a leader in the industry, implementing the latest research throughout all aspects of our program...

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"An unexamined life is not worth living."
– Socrates


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