Medication administration in small jails

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With electronic medication administration technologies, most of the activities for passing meds are validated to the 5 Rs. The challenge is the jail committing to the technology investments that not only reduce medication risks, provide documentation and improved management of medication therapies, but substantially reduce the number of nursing labor hours utilized... full thread


What the Hell is in that Cell?

Joe Bouchard
Pardon the following light profanity. Many of us in corrections ask “What the hell is in that cell?” Whether the location in question is a cell, dormitory, kitchen, library, or laundry room, the searcher seeks the same thing. That thing is safety. I believe that corrections is a team sport. It runs best when all classifications of employees assist in safety functions. Therefore, everyone should participate in the search for contraband in whatever way possible. Certainly, one needs to look at the division of labor and consider policy and procedure... .. full story

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This is corrections security work at the entry level ensuring the care and custody of inmates in the Lehigh County Jail. You must be at least 21 years of age. Work includes immediate responsibility for enforcing rules and regulations, preventing escapes, restraining inmates, responding to fights, disturbances, maintaining order and discipline among inmates, and for escorting inmates to and from their cells. Approximately ten (10) positions are available...

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