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ACA 2010 Winter Conference Wraps Up in Tampa

January 27th, 2010

Tuesday was the final day of the ACA 2010 Winter Conference held in Tampa, FL. The team from Performa saw a lot of booth traffic the final day− as did many exhibitors. Performa wishes to thank everyone who stopped by during the show. We met a great many new friends and look forward to seeing everyone again in July in Chicago.

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Costs are the Major Issues for ACA Attendees

January 26th, 2010

At the ACA 2010 Winter Conference, Performa has been conducting an informal survey asking attendees to identify the top issues challenging them as they look ahead to 2010. Costs lead the way. Below are the top three vote getters:

1. Funding
2. Staffing Costs
3. Operating Costs

Inmate rehabilitation and security both ranked high but neither cracked the top three. More than 85 percent of attendees identified a cost issue as their number one challenge heading into 2010. What does this tell everyone who serves the corrections industry?

Focus on solutions that reduce cost.

Throughout 2010, we will explore proven methods of reducing costs. We look forward to your input and comments.

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First Day is Busy for Performa at ACA 2010 Winter Conference

January 25th, 2010

Sunday evening was the first exhibit day for the ACA’s 2010 Winter Conference in Tampa Bay, FL. Despite being opposite the AFC Championship football game between the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets, attendance was strong.

David Robillard, President of Performa’s Federal Programs Group, met with a large number of private and public corrections professionals.

At the booth, Performa is demonstrating BIM (Building Information Modeling) and site optimization models for prisons. In addition, Performa is conducting a survey of corrections professionals about the top issues confronting them in 2010. Following last night’s exhibit, here are the top three issues:

1. Funding
2. Operating Costs
3. Staffing Costs

No surprise that finance is the key issues heading into 2010.

A strong number of write-in votes identified “over-crowding” as a key issue challenging corrections professionals in 2010. Watch for updates on this blog each day of the conference.

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