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5 Proven Steps That Will Cut Prison Operation Costs

November 2nd, 2009

Performa’s ebook Five Correctional Facility Strategies that Cut Construction Costs lays out the five steps every prison builder should undergo before digging the dirt. The ebook is a great guide for correctional facility developers, both private and public, as they drive the prethinking process.

If the strategies defined in the ebook are successfully executed before the construction or designing process of any facility project, owners and operators will attain their top priority: dramatically decreased operational costs.

The five key steps are:

1.) Understand how your land selection and use affects your future: rushing to build often results in reduced site capacity and a huge waste of land. Reversely, if land is analyzed before construction and design, the most-valuable resource will be utilized to reduce post-construction operational costs.

2.) Create an end-of-game plan: creating master plan with the needs to tomorrow and today in mind will result in organized growth that doesn’t result in significant expansion costs.

3.) Analyze operational processes: designing to optimize work processes will directly result in maximum productivity of both staff and inmates.

4.) Take a standardized approach to design: contradicting the creative notion of architecture, often times the most cost-effect and saving designs are ones that can be repeated with minor modifications.

5.) Bring all project bodies together early: collaborating early with call construction bodies including architects, contractor and construction crew will bring down construction costs, efficiently.

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