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One-side Planning Will Break Your Budget

November 23rd, 2009

Revenue-driven organizations can be overwhelmed by the rush to build. Not planning for current and future situations at the same time will result in tremendous cost hikes, in both construction and operations. A little foresight can save a lot of dollars in the overall construction costs of the correctional facility. This is where creating an end-game master plan designed for organized growth and development delivers huge savings.


Giving definition to three areas will determine your end-game master plan:


·         Identify start-up bed capacity target – What is the right number of beds and cells to optimize start-up cash-flow?


·         Identify right-sized bed capacity growth stages – What is the most cost-efficient capacity expansion size?


·         Identify appropriately-sized capacity – Finally, what is the target bed capacity of the prison? How can the prison expand to meet end-game capacity while minimizing disruption to existing operations and not jeopardize security?


Building too big at the beginning, in effort to meet a far-off expected inmate capacity, will increase up-front construction cost and strain your operational budget as the facility sits empty. In the same way, planning and building to only house the current population needs will break your future budget with sky-rocketed expansion costs and potential security threats.


Knowing what function you want your facility to play directly after opening as well as in the future will play a significant role in site selection and facility design. This also ensures upfront or expansion costs do not shoot through the roof.


For more cost saving ideas, read our free eBook: Five Correctional Facility Strategies that Cut Construction Costs.

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