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The Outsourced Prison Operations and Services Guide

April 16th, 2010

At the 2010 ACA Winter Conference, attendees identified operating costs as the No. 3 issue facing them in 2010. In a recent blog, we noted that outsourcing prison operations can save operators somewhere between 10 to 20 percent of prison operation costs. Here is a list of companies that provide outsourced operations or services to the corrections industry.

 If you think we are missing a company, please let us know in the form below. We look forward to your comments.

General Prison Operations

·         Ahtna Technical Services

·         Emerald Companies

·         Community Education Centers, Inc.

·         Cornell Companies

·         Corrections Corporation of America (CCA)

·         The GEO Group, Inc.

·         LCS Corrections Services, Inc.

·         Management & Training Corporation (MTC)


Food and  Commissary Services


·         ARAMARK

·         Canteen Correctional Services

·         Keefe Group

·         Sodexo, Inc.


Health Services


·         Correct Care Solutions, LLC

·         Correctional Medical Services

·         MHM Services, Inc.

·         Naph Care

·         PrimeCare

·         Prison Health Services, Inc.

·         Psychcare

·          Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. (PSI)

·         Wexford Health Sources




·         Prisoner Transportation Services of America, LLC (PTS)

·         TransCor America



Need help choosing an outsourced prison operator or services? Read our blog, How to Choose a Private Prison Operator, for tips to help you get the most out of the partnership.

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