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How Have You Helped Your Facility Save Money? Corrections Professionals Share Their Thoughts

August 5th, 2010

In our recent eBook, So You Don’t Have a Rich Uncle: 9 Fresh Tactics That Combat Funding Shortages, we presented 9 ways to save money. We understand this list is not complete, so we posed the question in the Corrections group on LinkedIn—asking correctional experts how they are saving money in their correctional facilities.

The responses are below.

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  • My suggestion would be the increased use of IT—specifically thin client technologies, which are easily replaceable, don’t need additional levels of support and are also very economical on power consumption. It also saves on materials budgets for items such as paper. We have been implementing a comprehensive package of e-learning induction/orientation and data management systems for several correctional services worldwide. All of which are proving to deliver significant cost savings as well as environmental savings.  - Matthew Logan, Chief Executive Officer, Leaf Systems
  • Take advantage of opportunity buys—facilities can save from 20 to 25 percent off of contract pricing. -Nili Abrahams, Senior Sales Manager for The Inventory Exchange
  • Our institution has eliminated pop at meals and only serves tea now, milk and coffee at breakfast. Staff are taking furlough days (unpaid time off). -Claude Schultz, Correctional Lieutenant at Oregon Department of Corrections
  • American Correctional Solutions has assisted our clients, county jails and state prisons in saving money by providing on-site clinics and/or telemedicine consultations for specialty healthcare services in corrections. -Christina Atwater, Projects Manager at American Correctional Solutions
  • As a food service consultant, I can safely say that there is literally thousands of dollars to be saved per location simply by evaluating operations and making some changes particularly with respect to cooling and HVAC issues. All strategies do not have to be complex. In many cases, state and even federal funds exist which can be used to pay for energy audit (studies). Furthermore, funding has been available for items with a ten-year or less payback. - Sheila Palinkas, Regional Sales Manager for U.S. Cooler
  • Substantial savings can be realized by installing low-flow shower heads. As with any fixture, this approach raises questions of potential vandalism, self-destructive behavior or tampering. My online marketing client, HighSierra Showerheads, recently came up with a new line of “tamper proof” 1.5 GPM shower heads. We recently retrofitted Herlong FCI with 225 shower heads. Estimated saving this year: 3,500,000 gallons of water and $97,500 in water heating costs. -Jonathan Franks, WSI Internet Marketing Analyst
  • Reducing the jail population enough to close just one unit saves significant money. It’s a good idea to look at who’s in jail and why. Find ways to divert more detainees. It often takes conversations with local law enforcement and courts, but it’s worth the work. Especially look at alternatives for people with mental illnesses. - Connie Clem, Communications and Information Professional, Researcher, Writer and Principal, Clem Info Strategies
  • Control overtime: Using kiosks to handle inmate money (their property plus money) can save significant staff time. - Connie Clem, Communications and Information Professional, Researcher, Writer and Principal, Clem Info Strategies
  • Solar: You can set up power purchase agreements that will allow the facility to go green at no cost and have guaranteed rates at a lower price than standard utility rates. - Jim Marsh, Management Consultant for Marsh Group Consulting
  • Re-evaluate your inmate phone system. - Jim Marsh, Management Consultant for Marsh Group Consulting
  • GoodSource offers special buys on food items for correctional facilities. They buy take-all or bulk purchases from leading food processors worldwide that are available due to excess inventory, cosmetic imperfections, mislabeled items, incorrect packaging and the savings go to customers. - Jennifer Spears, Sales Consultant at GoodSource Solutions
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