P.O. Box 8671 | Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8671
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WCA Wins Award for Most Increased Membership at Kansas City Convention 2007


Wisconsin Correctional Association Board of Directors




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  • To provide a focal point for the identification of interests and concerns of corrections in Wisconsin;


  • To provide an opportunity for active participation in professional development for those employed or interested in corrections in Wisconsin;


  • To provide a form for the Wisconsin Correctional community to have a voice on policy issues at the national level;


  • To provide means for collectivity attacking correctional problems as a whole and draw upon common resources to implement the solutions to those problems for the good of all; and


  • To provide a mechanism to actively participate in upgrading and improving the criminal justice system in Wisconsin for both those within the system and the public at large



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Wisconsin Correctional Association
P.O. Box 8671 | Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8671

email: wisca@corrections.com

NOTE: The Wisconsin Correctional Association is non-profit organization for those who have interests in the field of corrections in Wisconsin. It is not a part of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Any questions related directly to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, please go to www.wi-doc.com.



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