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At long last; a guide for new Officers

September 9th, 2009

I have read as many books on corrections tactics and philosophies as the next person.  When I first started I made it a point to read everything I could on the profession, including “Games Criminals Play”.  That text is probably the best text ever written for those of us in the Corrections field, and is mandatory reading at many academies.  But there was nothing, beyond the occasional interesting article, for a new officer to read to teach him how to be an Officer.  When things got rough, I turned to the written word again for guidance, but again kept coming up empty.  A decade later I began to write for several Corrections sites, including this one.  As my popularity grew, I kept getting requests from new officers, wanting to know how to deal with a specific problem.  I remembered back to the days when I first started and felt their frustration.  I set to work on a “handbook” for Correctional Officers.  After a couple of years I finished it.  The problem was now getting it out to people. and concerns it would be good enough to help new officers.  Several people in the industry read it and loved it; the time had come now to bring it to you.  I went back to and spoke to them about the idea of bringing this text to it’s readers.  The one pitfall I wanted to avoid is to have this book published as a $40 textbook; taking out of the reach of affordability for too many new officers. agreed to my idea, and very soon my text will be out in an E-book format, allowing officers with little or no budget to get their hands on this text. 

The compilation of stories, experiences and warnings are all there for you to read and learn from.  There are no holds barred in this text, and I do not make an effort to sugarcoat anything.  Many of the ideas for the books subject matter came from the readers of my articles and officers I have worked with.  If you are a new officer, or an experienced officer struggling to find direction, take the time to read “Scars and Bars- A survival guide for Correctional Officers and their Families”  There is also a chapter for the spouses of Officers, to help them understand what their Officer is going through as they start their career.  The book is all about you, not me or anyone else.  It will help you get a better start on your new career than many of us have had.  Learn from our experience, laugh at our mistakes; but take it all to heart!

The text will be out and available very soon, so keep checking back here over the next few weeks.  For now, be safe, vest up, and watch your six!

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