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August 26th, 2009

In this section I will share stories of my own and others that have left both physical and emotional scars on our Corrections Psyche.  Nothing teaches us better than making mistakes; like the first time you touched a hot light bulb.  At times the lessons and scars are small, sometimes they are big, but they never fail to teach.

Here is one of my favorites.  One day we were all in our office area having a meeting.  The meeting was pretty much over, and there were about 40 of us hanging out talking about our days and just general BS.  The office area is on the yard, and it is heavily fortified.  the doors are heavy steel, with chicken wire glass, set in a concrete building.  It was snowing heavy outside, so we closed the door behind us to keep the warmth in.  After a while, one of our hard-core smokers stepped outside for a smoke.  No-one thought much about it until an alarm rang out.  All of us ran out of the office at top speed to respond.  the officer in front of me flung the door open with a smooth kick.  Rather than the usual sound of steel hitting concrete, we heard what sounded like a rapidly deflating tire.  I looked back and saw the officer that had stepped out for a smoke behind the chicken wire glass, smashed up against the door like Wiley Coyote.  He slithered down the door, his broken cigarette still smoldering, until he fell in a seated position.  While some officer continued to respond to see what was going on, the rest of us stopped and peeled the officer from the door.  When we dusted him off we started to laugh until we cried…..I’ll bet you he will never stand behind a door again…

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