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A new kind of blog

September 10th, 2009

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by the blog everyone.  Please take the time to check it out a little.  On the top of the page you will find two tabs: Scars and Bars.  In those two tabs are areas for you to share your stories with everyone.  There is nothing like a good war story.  I have always relied on both my own and others’ war stories when I teach.  I think war stories are the best way for us to teach each other what can happen when things go horribly, or humorously, wrong.  Don’t be shy, tell us something you think we can learn from.  Feel free to post after any one of my posts also.  Tell me you agree, or disagree with what I am teaching.  Other than blatant threats,  I will publish your comment, even if it critical of me or my ideas.  We cannot progress as a profession if I try to sterilise the posts and create a blog of praise for myself; that is not the idea.   This is not a game to me, this is the strategy room in a war that has raged on as long as humanity has existed.  Since the first modern style prisons were built in Roman times, there has been a battle raging to keep evil at bay; we are here to fight that evil, now more than ever, we need eachother.  If you have ideas for the blog, post them under this post, and I will listen.  Be safe, vest up, and for God’s sake, watch your six!

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