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Time to renew yourself!

October 12th, 2009

Alright, so our profession seems to be in a proverbial lull.  Budget cuts and program changes have taken their toll on many of us.  As you read this, officers are going to work, seemingly on cruise control.  This is the time to renew yourself.  Think about why you joined the department.  Was it for the pay, the benefits or for other reasons?




Once you think of this, think back to how excited you were when you first pinned on your badge.  Do you remember feeling proud?  Do you remember being excited, or even scared?   The reason I want you to think about this now is so you can lean back on these emotions and reasons as we enter into another rough year.  It can be very refreshing to go back to the basics once in a while and remember why you strap on your duty belt every day in the first place.  It can help you get through the tough times, which many of us are facing right now.

Take this opportunity to remind yourself and you coworkers why you are there.  Think about, and talk about, what life would be like without us.  Where would America be without it’s dedicated Correctional Officers, working quietly, bravely, behind the scenes, keeping societies outcasts away from their children.  Where would America be if not for those of us that do the right thing, even off duty.  Those of us that stop at accidents, help those in need, and comitt ourselves to live our lives unsullied.

This is the time to renew yourself.  Renew your faith in yourself and those you work with.  It is not always easy to do this, especially during times of seemingly endless crisis.  Use the energy to help a collegue get over his or her slump too.  We cannot afford to “turn on the cruise control” while we are at work.  This is when we get hurt…or worse.  Revitalise yourself, revitalise your family, and keep your head up high.  Throughout history there have been millions of men and woman whose names are long forgotten that have tirelessly done the same as you are doing now.  Where would the world have been without them.

Stay safe out there, vest up, turn off the cruise control, and get to work!  We do make a difference!

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