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Heads up DOP…NY Maybe

January 12th, 2011


Someone, apparently an offender,  posted this to a Legal Question Board—402575.html

Can parole completely bar my access to computers, cellphones, and internet-accessible electronic devices? Viewed 21 times. Posted 1 day ago in Criminal Defense – Brooklyn, NY

I am a sex offender convicted of a crime involving the internet and a minor victim.  On release, the DOP imposed a condition preventing possession or use of any computer, cellphone, or internet-accessible electronic device. This would seem appropriate, but I am not allowed to use them for legit reasons, i.e., searching for employment, work, or attending college/vocational programs.  Also, the Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act specifically says in section 1, “Legislative purpose and findings”, “Therefore, any measure that restricts an offender’s use of the internet must be tailored to specifically target the types of offenses committed on the internet while not making it impossible for such offenders to successfully reintegrate back into society.” Can I fight this?

There is no mention that someone is posing this question on their behalf.  So, if they are posting…online…obviously with a computer…they have already violated their conditions. DOP might be Department of Probation, City of NY.

If so, DOP, you may have a live on on your hands! Good hunting!

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