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Rumors of a Riot or Disturbance

May 13th, 2009

2c7490f8828c9652In June 1943, racial tension was close to the boiling point in Detroit, Michigan. Following a race-related fight at an amusement park, false rumors whipped both blacks and whites into a murderous rage. In the black community, the word was that some white men had thrown a black woman who was holding a baby into a lake. Whites repeated news that a mob of blacks had assaulted a white woman. Read more…

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Non-Confrontational Mindset

May 8th, 2009

Dedicated to Juvenile Correctional Officer William Hesson
End of Watch: April 29th, 2009
Cause of Death: Inmate assault

1d08f06d46e6a490Everyone who knows me best knows that I am big on the warrior ethos and obtaining and keeping a survival mindset.  But in writing this training article I was very apprehensive on what to call it.  I wanted to call it, “The Survival Mindset” but in doing so it would have indicated that we are in a survival fight for our lives with extreme peril and most administrators would have disregarded it as not applicable.  I thought about calling it “The Warrior Mindset” but that would have given us a wrong public misconception that we are bloodthirsty combative killers, not good for appearances.   So I sat and thought about this article and came up with a great administratively PC correct title that seemed virtually calming and non-aggressive and above all, totally crap.  Read more…

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