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Archive for August, 2009

Leadership for Challenging Times

August 30th, 2009


1d766a672fa84676In the past I have been fairly critical of the supervision I have seen within the law enforcement and correctional community.  I have given very graphics examples and descriptions of the poor efforts being applied by many managers in all aspects of the administrative roles of our agencies.  And yet I have been given an opportunity to offer a solution to the problems administrators of today as well as the supervisors of tomorrow will experience.  An action plans so to speak, a detailed roadmap to deal with change and how to become a better decision maker and a leader whom your officers will want to follow and excel for.   They will sacrifice and extend loyalty and they will grow and develop. Read more…

Leadership / Management

Lions for Lambs

August 19th, 2009

5b4b94e8d5f3a4b8“Lions for Lambs,” stems from an expression that German soldiers used in referring to their British counterparts during World War One. Admiring the bravery of the English infantry while condemning the idiocy of their superiors, the Germans would remark “Never before have such lions been led by such lambs.” Read more…

Leadership / Management

Leaders vs. Managers?

August 7th, 2009

74e097e999e7686cHave you ever said, “How did this guy get into a leadership role?”

Well you are not the only one then.  I have stated hundreds of times that in our agency you don’t move up the ladder of success, you get pulled up by someone your buddies with.  This, in my opinion, only promulgates the continuing failure of leadership at the top most hierarchy of the agency.  I am a firm believer in blind testing and open interviews for supervisory positions conducted by outside individuals.  This truly rules out any rumors of friendship promotions and puts the best candidate available into an open supervisory position.  Sometimes you need a transfusion of new blood into the management in order to make advancements in the way the agency breathes. Read more…

Leadership / Management

Risk Indicators for Misconduct

August 2nd, 2009

2c7490f8828c9652The goal is to identify officers who pose a liability to the department and themselves.  Even though obtaining a position in corrections and law enforcement is a difficult process at best we must consider the individuals who slip through the cracks.  These are the officers who get the most complaints and consider themselves the mavericks or rock stars of the agency.  These officers are the superheroes of the shift whose arrests or forcible takedowns are sometimes questionable and overly aggressive.   Read more…

Misconduct / Curruption