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WaveGuard Radio Frequency Intrusion Detection System
By WaveGuard
Published: 07/18/2005

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AuraTek LLC's  WaveGuard  Radio Frequency (RF) Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is distributed by its sister company, DeTekion Security System's Inc. The two companies together have a vast experience in the field of perimeter intrusion detection systems and a product line of perimeter intrusion detection systems that meet most of the requirements and challenges of securing the perimeter of a correctional facility.
The WaveGuard RF IDS operates as a zoned, automatic, electronic supervised outdoor detection sensor system that could be integrated with other IDS or can operate as a "stand alone" IDS. The WaveGuard RF IDS can operate in an active or passive mode. In each mode the principle of detection is based on the detection of a disturbance of the RF electromagnetic field created by the transmission and receiving of a RF signal. This type of system is also referred to as a "Volumetric Detection System".

The WaveGuard RF IDS can be configured and tailored to meet the site conditions at the prison, the specific application and the surrounding and environmental conditions. The WaveGuard RF IDS is based on ported (leaky) coaxial technology.  An invisible RF electromagnetic detection field of 2m (6 ft) wide, (1 m) radius, surrounds each leaky coaxial cable.  Disturbances to the invisible RF electromagnetic field caused by human beings passing over the field are detected. One possible configuration of the WaveGuard RF IDS consists of two buried leaky coaxial cables. One of the buried coaxial cables transmits / leaks a FM signal and the other cable receives the signal. Another configuration is a single buried leaky coax cable transmitting to an antenna / s located within line of site of their respective zone / s in the facility. In both configurations, cable to cable or cable to antenna, disturbances to the invisible RF signal (electromagnetic field) caused by human beings going through the RF electromagnetic field are detected by the processor, analyzed by several sophisticated algorithms and if identified as a bonifide positive alarm, an alarm condition is triggered. Zone resolutions of 50m, 100m, and 200m can be achieved economically.

The WaveGuard RF IDS provides a high Probability of Detection (POD) of escapees / intruders while maintaining a very low Nuisance Alarm Rate (NAR) and False Alarm Rate (FAR). Sophisticated processing techniques and algorithms automatically reject disturbances caused by small animals and other conditions and the principle of operation / technology is immune to harsh environmental conditions such as snow, rain, hail, high winds, direct sun light, heat, cold and others.

In prison applications the WaveGuard RF IDS can be installed in front of the inner fence for "early warning" or between fences. Roof tops, walls and sally ports are additional areas that can be secured by the WaveGuard RF IDS. For rapid deploy applications the WaveGuard RF IDS can be installed above ground. The WaveGuard RF IDS does not require any special tools for maintenance and trouble shooting. The leaky coax coaxial cables are "commercial off the shelf" and do not need to be installed in conduits.


Baruch Koren
VP Marketing & Sales
DeTekion Security Systems' Inc'.
3209 Vestal Parkway East
Vestal, NY 13850
Tel: 201 - 236 9200
Fax - 201 - 236 0099
email - b.koren@detekion.com


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