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'Halloween Killer' Violates Parole, Returns to Prison
By Associated Press
Published: 04/14/2003

A judge ordered Gerald Turner, the infamous 'Halloween Killer' who inspired Wisconsin's sexual predator law, to serve 15 years in prison for violating his parole after authorities found hundreds of hardcore pornographic images on a computer drive in his room at a halfway house.
Turner was forbidden from possessing sexually explicit materials without approval from state officials as part of his parole for the 1973 murder and sexual assault of a 9-year-old Lisa French of Fond du Lac girl on Halloween. The girl came to Turner's house while trick-or-treating.
Turner, 54, was convicted in 1975 and sentenced to 38 years and six months in prison.
He was first paroled in 1992, prompting state lawmakers to pass the sexual predator law allowing the state to keep some people convicted of sex crimes in custody for treatment if they're deemed potentially violent.
Turner was taken back to prison, but a jury decided in 1998 he wasn't sexually violent.
He was granted parole again and placed at Foster Community Correctional Center in Madison in February 1998.
But he was taken into custody in October and held at the Dane County Jail while investigators probed whether he had violated his parole. He is now being held at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Corrections spokesman Bill Clausius said.
Administrative law Judge David R. Braithwaite noted in his ruling Monday that Turner had sexually explicit videos, magazines and computer images at the Foster.
'He was fully aware of the halfway house rules and his parole rules,' Braithwaite wrote.
Turner has until April 14 to appeal Braithwaite's ruling.
Turner also inspired state lawmakers to draft legislation allowing employers to refuse to hire or fire people who have been convicted of serious felonies.
Current law prevents employers from refusing to hire people based on their criminal records unless they can proves the crimes specifically relate to the jobs.
Lawmakers crafted a new bill after Turner sued Waste Management Inc. when it refused to hire him to sort recyclables because of his criminal record. He settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.
The bill died in the state Senate in March 2002.
Legislators in the Assembly passed a similar bill, AB 41, last month that would allow schools and prisons to refuse to hire convicted felons or fire them. The Assembly hasn't yet sent the bill to the Senate.


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  3. Lisa's friend on 02/02/2017:

    Lisa was my friend in Oshkosh in first and second grade. Every kid at Longfellow Elementary and every human who could read in 1973 remembers Lisa French and the monster who tortured and murdered her. "Crimes specifically relate(d) to the job" = That monster sued Waste Management Inc. Turner raped and massacred my friend and stuffed her in a garbage bag. HOW THE HELL MORE RELATED TO STUFFING GARBAGE INTO GARBAGE BAGS DOES IT TAKE FOR IMBECILE STATE SENATE FAILURES TO REALIZE THEY ARE MENTALLY ILL, ALSO ? More than a Bill died March 2002. Wisconsin, I am embarrassed to have been born and raised there. STOP ELECTING MONSTERS AND STOP SETTING MONSTERS FREE AND FOR YOUR OWN GOOD STOP SMOKING THAT SHIT !

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