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At long last; a guide for new Officers

September 9th, 2009

I have read as many books on corrections tactics and philosophies as the next person.  When I first started I made it a point to read everything I could on the profession, including “Games Criminals Play”.  That text is probably the best text ever written for those of us in the Corrections field, and is mandatory reading at many academies.  But there was nothing, beyond the occasional interesting article, for a new officer to read to teach him how to be an Officer.  When things got rough, I turned to the written word again for guidance, but again kept coming up empty.  A decade later I began to write for several Corrections sites, including this one.  Read more…


Are You an Educated Warrior?

August 20th, 2009

Brawn will get you only so far.  This fact of life hits us quickly when we first start working corrections.  The physical demands of our jobs are well know, and many books have been written on how to physically protect yourself on the job.  Most of these books go over the basics of tactical placement, being combat ready, and even talk about color coded states of alertness.  What these books often fail to do is tie in your mental and physical readiness into real-life experiences.  This is where I stray from the norm. Read more…

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