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Are You an Educated Warrior?

August 20th, 2009

Brawn will get you only so far.  This fact of life hits us quickly when we first start working corrections.  The physical demands of our jobs are well know, and many books have been written on how to physically protect yourself on the job.  Most of these books go over the basics of tactical placement, being combat ready, and even talk about color coded states of alertness.  What these books often fail to do is tie in your mental and physical readiness into real-life experiences.  This is where I stray from the norm. Read more…

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Sergeant Barry Evert launches survival site

July 30th, 2009

trial bay gaolThis week Sergeant Barry Evert, veteran practitioner and author, launches his new site on Evert fans can now get a regular dose of his survival tips, gang information, and industry tactics.  His content will also be distributed on the homepage, inside the weekly ezine [to 66,000] and through the Google partner feed at

This September, you will also be able to purchase his new book Scars & Bars, a survival guide for correctional officers and their families [pictured here].  The book will be available as an ebook, so there is no waiting for it to arrive and it’s convenient and mobile. If you’re itching to get a copy or want to find out more, leave a comment below.  We also welcome any ideas for articles and tips.  And don’t forget to sign up for the RSS feeds so you can see when new postings arrive. is the leading online community for Corrections, ranked #1 in Google and Yahoo.  We would like to welcome Barry to the family.