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Archive for December, 2014

Security New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

December 30th, 2014

Over 15 years ago I wrote these New Year’s Resolutions. I recently happened upon them while cleaning out some old files, so I decided to retype them and share them. I have updated some of the entries to meet today’s new challenges.

  1. Review all SECURITY policies and procedures for the following:
    • Are the policies and procedures “Operationally Functional”? Are they working?
    • Are the policies and procedures being followed as they are written, or, if not, why not?
    • Is there a need to create “new” policies and procedures?
    • Is there a need to update, re-write, and expand existing policies and procedures?
  2. Focus more attention on the “external perimeter”:
    • Insure that the fencing materials, fence poles, anchoring bolts, etc., are in good repair.
    • Review external “perimeter” videos at least twice weekly for suspicious activities near the perimeter.
    • Adjust vehicle “Sally-Ports” to open and close as quickly as possible.
    • Insure that all policies and procedures regarding pedestrian entrances and exits are “Operationally Functional” – e.g. “WORKING” as written, and that they are rendering the desired results.
  3. Increase the frequency for conducting “Shakedowns”:
    • Conduct “Shakedowns” during off hours for the following areas: School, Inmate Work Stations, Kitchen, Visiting, etc.
  4. Insure that all staff, especially “Line Staff”, are very familiar with Emergency Policies and Procedures:
    • Conduct various scenarios of different types of emergencies.
    • Expand the facility/agency’s definition of an emergency.
      1. An attack on the external perimeter by “armed” assailants.
      2. Suicide / homicide bomber detonating a bomb in the visiting room.
      3. Multiple emergencies taking place simultaneously.
  5. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of any/all equipment that is connected to the emergency generator(s). Insure that the generator(s) is not over loaded.
  6. Conduct a comprehensive review of the current staffing patterns to insure that staff is being deployed where and when needed the most.
  7. Review all “Critical Incident” reviews from the previous year to insure that recommendations were being followed.
  8. Insure that there is sufficient “First Line” Supervision on every shift, every day.
  9. Insure that correctional managers be seen daily, by staff and inmates, “walking and talking” inside the “Secure Areas” of the facility.
  10. Conduct a comprehensive review to ascertain if the goals and objectives of the “Security Threat Groups Division” are being achieved.
  11. Conduct a comprehensive review of the facility/agency’s sustainability and greening initiative. Energy, water, recycling, and wastewater conservation are becoming real issues in the correctional world today.
  12. Insure that transportation officers are staggering their departure times and routes.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Successful New Year!!!