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Event Title: Mysterious Holes In The Ice Have Appeared In The Arctic
Hosting Organization: Mysterious Holes
Starting Date: 12/18/2020
Ending Date: 12/18/2020
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The Arctic is a puzzling place, indeed, but whatever happens to the climate affects it in one way or another. Glaciers are shrinking, and sea ice is melting. The recent changes in the climate have affected the Arctic, and no one knows why not even scientists. If you would like to be immersed in the Arctic Circle and its surroundings, then consider playing slots online. Grab the free spiny offers and enhance your gaming experience.

According to NASA, mysterious holes have appeared in the ice, but they have no idea what is causing them. John Sonntag, a mission scientist, discovered these holes while flying during NASA’s Operation Iceberg. He took photos on April 14 of what he had never seen before. It appeared to be odd crater-like holes in the ice.

A Mysteriously Massive Hole in Antarctic Ice Has Returned | Smart News |  Smithsonian Magazine

Experts who looked at the photos agreed that the ice is thin young due to its grey colour. However, they are not sure of what could have caused those holes. Most of them concluded that they are unfamiliar with it.

Operation Iceberg has been going on for over 10 years now. It is an above-ground mission where scientists fly over polar regions yearly and determine the changes in the sea ice and ice sheets. However, due to global warming, there have been big alterations in the Polar Regions.

One of the possible reasons, which might have caused the holes, can be the rabid global warming across the arctic area. Others think that it can be a meteor strike or maybe seals, which are known for gnawing the ice to create breathing holes or sometimes get out of the ice for some rest. However, one of the scientists called Walt Meier thinks that it cannot be due to meteors since the holes are so close to each other. Moreover, he said that if the holes are less than 2 meters in size, then it could be due to the influence of water appearing out of the snow when a seal comes out of the ice.

What is even more interesting is that NASA presented the photo to the curious public. They posted the images of these mysterious holes as the monthly contest of April 2018, then asked the people to try and describe the picture. But the post never mentioned anything about this being a ‘puzzle’ for the scientists too.

During the contests, lots of viewers came up with answers. Some thought that the holes were a result of dried-up salt lakes or meteorites. However, even after these interesting answers, researchers thought that the holes could be a cause of warmer bodies of water.

The bizarre frozen occurrence has remained a mystery to most researchers and scientists. There is no clear evidence why these holes are appearing, and it can be something to worry or not worry about. Either way, John Sonntag, who took the photos, is certainly not unfamiliar with the weird, odd things happening to the arctic. He has discovered a lot in the frozen area, including the large crack on the biggest ice sheet. Either way, he is baffled with the findings just like most of us.

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