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Keeping Kids Gang Free


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My name is Jacob Metzger. I work for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. I am e-mailing you in regards to a scared straight type of program I want to start at my institution. I was hoping you might have some kind of resource that could help me with legal issues, liability issues and solutions to each of those. I was also wanting inquire as to see if you knew of any other agency I could contact to get some ideas. If you could get back with me I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Contact: Jacob.Metzger@odrc.state.oh.us

Male user MBA student 5 posts

Children become gangmembers because of something not being taught at home (in most cases). Some feel the need to be apart of a family. This is because they lack the love and appreciation at home.

Untitled centella 14 posts

I teach my Childs everything I know about gangs and the consequences of being part of them and I think that any person who works on law enforcement have the obligation to teach their children’s about it and take them inside the system (correction system) and let them take a look of the real part of being gang member.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Good advice. And if we spend time with our kids, we don’t need to “make a list” of each of the topics. Those things will be talked about while we’re fishing, hunting, playing in the yard, or even while driving somewhere.

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Keeping Our Kids Out of Gangs
By Capt. Don Larimore

If you live in the city, keeping your child out of a gang isn’t going to be easy. Listed below are three ideas I’d like to suggest to help keep your child safe from gangs.
Make Time to Talk and Listen
Make time for your child on a regular basis to just sit and talk. Don’t use this time to be harsh or judgmental. Go someplace comfortable to chat. Ensure your child that this is an open, honest conversation between you and him/her. Don’t make it seem like your child has to answer questions, or is being “interrogated” by you. Find out about activities your child is interested in and any concerns he/she may have. Use this time to for both of you to learn more about one another.
Help Your Child Fill Their Time
Once you learn more about the types of activities, sports, and/or hobbies your child is curious about, help your child to become more involved in his/her interests. By helping your child locate a team sport, or getting involved in a hobby together, showing your child how to use his/her time constructively will assist in keeping your child out of trouble. Be involved! It’s a small sacrifice to make in order to prevent your child from becoming involved in a gang.
Pay Attention
Pay attention to your child. Look at the small details. If you see that your child may be using what appears to be gang signs or dressing in gang colors, step up and ask. Don’t sneak around. If your child feels that you are spying on him, he will turn away. Don’t approach him as if you are interrogating him, but just make mention of your concerns and be prepared to listen. Don’t assume anything, something may look like gang colors or emblems and may not be. With trends always changing, sometimes it’s hard to tell.
Each child is different.
I don’t guarantee that these suggestions will work, but each idea has one thing in common: spending time with your child. That’s the number one thing a parent can do to help keep a young person out of a gang. Show your child that they don’t have to turn to a gang to find family, love, and support.

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