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Male user RCJ 49 posts

That sounds familiar, resume’ padding with a lot of fancy acronyms.It’s too bad that it has to be that way but it is what it is, promotions are not based on merit and are rarely earned.

Barney fife 238x300 knuckle dragger 42 posts

RJC…….I’m in the upper midwest were the left leaning do gooders take pride in having their supervisory jobs and administrative posts appear as models for all to see. The toughest job they have is seeing how many letters and symbols they can come up with to put behind their signatures. I would hope that in your joint the line staff that can do the job and paid their dues are the ones being promoted. Yet like most politics it’s the shit salesman with a mouth full of samples dictating your job and facilities function. Oh did I say that out loud?

Male user RCJ 49 posts

Knuckle Dragger, thanks for shedding some light regarding promotions, I thought it was only like that where I work.

Barney fife 238x300 knuckle dragger 42 posts

Shakeyjake………I didn’t show the secret handshake or the words to our fight song! I couldn’t help myself forgive me.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

How dare you Knucle Dragger, you just blatently opened up on a public forum, the not to be mentioned in public secert taboo of Correctional promotions. I hope your happy with yourself….:o

Barney fife 238x300 knuckle dragger 42 posts

Aeric98: It’s not a small task to earn one degree yet accomplishing two, you should go for a masters or doctorate. But did it really take you five years to figure out it’s who you bl_w not who you know in this business. It has always been a wonder to me how the laziest worst dirtiest Co’s get promoted. I made the decision many years ago that climbing that ladder is for the,” want to be and the yes men”. In both of the facilities I have been in over the last 24 years the people running the show are the ones who sold their souls and dignity to do whatever it takes to climb. In the state joint they promote secretaries and clerks with no correction experience and if they are nice looking women they get on the fast track and zoom to the top. It is what it is and if you are hoping to prove yourself and climb you should get a pair of knee pads and have your gag reflex removed. Being a stand up CO and doing your job can get you a bump in rank eventually and hopefully in your system it’s different but I doubt it. Good luck.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

I don’t know you particular circumstances but sometimes in this field you just end up in a position that leads to nowhere. Number of people in line above you who are relatively young and have a ways to go to retire, issues like that happen. I know of a Classification officer who had years of experience, degrees etc.. but was a civilian and couldn’t even apply for his department supervisors position because the admin people changed the command structure on him so that the supervisor had to be a uniform sergeant. It was written in the union contract that way, but a sergeant only had to have 3 years experience and a GED to qualify for that sgt position. He’s been languishing for a decade in his position without any hope of promotion and too close to retirement to lose all his seniority by going back into uniform. Crap happens, but never stop going for the gold. Learn, learn learn. You’ll get there.

Male user MBA student 5 posts

In this field, alot of times it’s about “who you know”. I not saying give up on pursuing your degree though.

Male user Sniper7310 14 posts

Just keep doing your job without getting discouraged. Make sure your on any shift but third they tend to get overlooked also. Eventually you will get something. Another way that alot of people do here in Ohio is transfer to get a higher rank. Dont know if that is an option for you. One other word of caution… dont be to eager to move up to fast. You will learn more and more every year you work in the trenches and you wont forget were you came from. Alot of times promotions mean half of your common sense falls out of your head unfortunetaly most of the time it comes from above you so your stuck doing it that way. I wouldnt give up my supervisors job but just be prepared for the stress of staff on top of the inmates. Good luck and hope this helps.

Male user Aeric98 1 post

I have two college degrees and 5 years (and counting) experience as a Correctional Officer. I have interviewed for three different jobs within my prison. In two of those jobs the person(s) that were selected was not qualified for the jobs. The last interview I was in the Deputy Warden told me that “with your degrees you’ll go a long way in the department.” Then he and the other two interviewers picked the guy that made the political calls. I can’t prove that’s the reason of course and even if I could I do not want to black ball myself by going against the front office. It is just very discouraging. Most of this is to vent however if anyone out there knows good ways to get noticed or improve my standing please advise.

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