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Juvenile records for sex offenders question


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Djj logo web akdocfmf 4 posts

As many have said, it depends on the State. It also depends on the crime, some sex offenses are waivable in some States, dependent upon the extreme of the offense ie; fondling vs penetration. There are also age difference rules in my state 3 years of age difference in others more or less. So if the 16 year old is waived, it can be on adult record. As far as registry, some States have age limits on that as well. The best answer is talk to a juvenile probation officer in your state/county.

Male user Id 2 posts

I believe it depends on the state and the crime. If the offender has to register to the SORB then it will be public record (depending on the state depends on what levels are accessible to the public). I want to say Megan’s law made this the case. If they have to register due to a juvenile case it is usually up to 10 years and are unlike adults allowed to go before the board every year for review.
Committing a new crime would only have a sealed record looked at if the previous crime was similar in nature or relevant to the new case.

Male user jmartin 10 posts

I believe the judge during sentencing has the ability to allow the record to be sealed or if the offense is too heinous, they will be required to register as sex offenders. If they are required to register, than the juvenile issue is moot, because everyone has access.

Garfield Irishsprig 16 posts

Hey transporter, I do believe that in Ohio the records are sealed until they commit another crime, then it play a part as far as classing them.

Female user babygirl9608bg 1 post

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Horn toad Transporter 41 posts

My wife asked a very good question that I believe I answered correctly, but want to be sure. Can anyone in the Juvenile or adult ranks help out?

The question was: If a 16 yr old is convicted of sexual assault will the record be available (or open) when they reach adult status?

My answer was that the record will be sealed since they are a minor (or “child” as the state of Texas refers to anyone under 17). I also believe that it will remain sealed unless they commit another crime of the same nature after they are adults. Is this right, or do the records remain sealed forever?

I spent a year as a court transport officer in county court at law and am basing my answer off of what I saw there. The problem is that I don’t remember seeing an exact case of this.

Any help would be great. Just trying to verify my answer.


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