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Being Manipulated


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well needless to say I now know what a fifi looks like and can avoid them.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

In that situation think I’d skip the soap and go straight for the bleach, gasoline or paint stripper. Remember to lather, rinse and repeat.

Flag shakey 191 posts

And remember what was mention in the health and wellness section on “washing your hands”

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I would be more concerned about where that inmate got a 10 dollar bill from or why an officer had a cell phone inside the unit. Eww.. Campi I hope you used a lot of hand sanitizer after that. lol

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

I remember when I started. I had been shaking down and found an ace bandage wrapped tightly around a towel with a small plastic bag filled with coco butter inside. Well I took this item not knowing what it was but I knew I had not seen one before and that it was not an approved item. So while wearing my shake down gloves (Thank the Goddess) I took this thing apart on my desk and was trying to figure out what it was and why the dude had it. While I was sitting there scratching my head I couldn’t figure out why the inmates in the lock were finding humor in my plight and of course not one of them including the guy I took it away from would tell me what it was. A Sergeant was walking by and explained to me that this was what they call in the prison a fifi. I spent close to half an hour trying to figure out I had found a dudes jack toy.

Blind justice ii Murphy 1 post

“New staff” story. Many of us drink coffee and that being said. We would make a pot of coffee for the night, which is for officer use only, as we no longer provide coffee for inmates. Well as inmates know they can see the “New staffer” coming from a mile away and when this officer was alone the inmate went up to the officer with his cup and asked for a cup of fresh coffee. Officer said sure and gave the inmate coffee and offered him sugar or cream. The officer learned quickly, when he started getting more inmates asking for coffee and asked another officer where the coffee can was so that he could make more? This was quickly explained to him and quickly understood that he had been had.

Male user SCC 1 post

I think this one is tops. It is another “new staff” story. This one let a youth use his cell phone. A while later the supervisor got a call from an irate mother asking how they (the facility) could let a youth call her son. The supervisor explained that we only let youth call their parent and we do the dialing and speak with the parent or guardian before handing them the phone. On top of that, all calls are monitored. The mother explained that the youth who called threatened her son who was a witness in his case. She gave the number that came up on the caller ID, and later the supervisor called it. It went to a staff member who was still on his unit.

Male user Gunfighter 21 posts

We all have been manupliated by an inmate at one time or another. What was the best time you got had by an inmate? Let use these as a learning experience, a good laugh and good instructions for the FNG’s. I know an officer who was new on the job and an inmate asked him to order him a sub from Subway and gave the officer a ten dollar bill. The officer being new did order the sub, had it delevered to the institution and then handed it to the inmate as well as his change.

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