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The Importance of UX for SEO


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Female user arpitaanees 1 post

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Male user alexsamuel 4 posts

Search results are constantly adjusted for behavioral factors. Getting into the TOP is not enough, it’s important to create a quality UX so that the behavioral factors are at their best, otherwise the site’s position will be adjusted taking into account the attitude of users to the site ”
With the development and improvement of search algorithms, the opinion of most SEO experts comes down to the fact that the weight of user signals in the ranking formula will only increase. Thanks to machine learning, search algorithms have become able to process and take into account thousands of factors, even those that, according to representatives of the search, are the most noisy and difficult to interpret objectively.

What does this lead to? Search engines give the best results not only in terms of relevance to the query, but also the best sites in terms of UX. Search engines are guided by the following rule: what is good for the user is worthy of the TOP of search results.

The task of optimizers is shifting from exclusively correct SEO redleos.com/pk/seo-services-in-islamabad/ to convenient, simple, clear interfaces. How important is UX to SEO? We offer you the opinion of David Freeman , an analyst and SEO expert at Search Engine Land.

1. Not SEO One
The core of Google’s philosophy was to provide a quality user experience. Today there is more and more evidence that behavioral factors play an important role in ranking. However, the majority of optimizers and SEO experts are still not paying enough attention to the development of UX: sites are complex and inconvenient, albeit qualitatively optimized.

What happens: the user finds the result in the SERP, goes over, understands that the site is inconvenient, complicated, incomprehensible, illogical. It returns to the search results, where next to this site the search system offers at least 9 no less relevant answers, as well as up to 7 sponsored results (advertising):

As a rule, SEO experts give recommendations to improve the user experience, but no more.

Problem : lack of experience and knowledge.

What to do: a standard approach to optimizing a site for search engine promotion should begin with UX analysis, scripting, and site changes for the user. Basic principles: simplicity, structure logic, accessibility. The user should not have the question “how to do this?”

It is impossible to calculate the ranking formula and determine which factor has the greatest weight in order to concentrate all efforts. Links do not work without content, content does not work without behavioral factors.

2. Study of various interaction scenarios
This is problem # 0, so to speak, since most UX specialists redleos.com/pk/web-designing-and-development-in-faisalabad/ and teams work according to a certain scheme, creating an absolutely linear scenario in which user interaction with the site starts from the main page.

The truth is that less than 50% of site visits initiated from a search start on the home page. (According to observations of the metrics of different sites, this figure is much less ).

Therefore, scripts starting from the main pages of sites do not particularly correspond to these user scripts.

With the importance of user signals, a site that is not optimized or poorly optimized for the user does not reach the potential positions in organic search. Moreover, poorly optimized sites lose users, the level of conversion decreases, profit decreases.

David Freeman cites several examples on pages of non-optimized sites that force the user to return to the SERP:

content hidden behind tabs – if a user gets to a page with relevant content that is hidden behind tabs, and the design of the tabs is not obvious to the user (it is not clear that clicking on a tab you can expand the product description or the full version of the article), then most likely the user will go back to the issuance;
infinite scroll pages are pages with loaded content (for example, a catalog section where product cards are loaded with the way the user scrolls down the page). The use of such technology leaves no opportunity to show the visitor exactly that part of the page where the product is located.
By definition, UX optimization is work to improve the user experience, regardless of which page the visitor’s journey begins with.

3. Improving UX leads to immediate results.
Today you cannot ignore the user. SEO is no longer an exclusively technical task with selecting a semantic core, optimizing tags, purchasing links. Access to the TOP requires a more integrated approach. One of the main recommendations of Google is the site’s compliance with user intent (intention). In other words, the site should give the user what he wants: learn how to do something, or buy a product, or compare with competitors, and so on.

Composing a ranking of ranking factors, the following can be distinguished:

Content – high – quality, capacious, relevant to the request and intention of the user. If at the request “buy a sofa” the user gets to an information site that does not offer a catalog, the choice of sofas, comparison of competitors, most likely the user will leave such a site.
behavioral factors – for search engines the time on the site and the failure rate are important . These indicators provide an opportunity to understand whether the site meets the expectations of the visitor or not. Depth of view is a controversial factor. Experts disagree. Some believe that a high viewing depth, on the contrary, indicates that the user cannot find what he is looking for, the site is confused and difficult to understand. Others claim that a shallow viewing depth indicates that the site is useless to the visitor.
links – remain a significant ranking factor .

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