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Electronic Logbooks


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Male user samwilson 1 post

Thank you for sharing!

Male user nguyenmanh 1 post

thank for sharing

Male user Conan Suther... 6 posts

How do you add links in your msg?

Male user willwon155 1 post

thanks sir

Male user burnspat 1 post

There are tons of options if you are looking for cloud based solution then you could try

http://elogbook.net or you could try it’s alternatives http://www.similarto.us/elogbook.net/

Nowadays you could even maintain log books using android apps.


Male user frydd666 22 posts

We use a program here called Global. It is pretty easy to use. We use it for bookings and for our logs. it is a fairly decent program.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

I cannot tell you how many classification computers have been replaced, oooops, told on myself!! OBSERVATION: I remember being taught to write cursive and the written word was a fair improvement from Hieroglyphics. Now I see text messages and logs with young officers using similar Hieroglyphics, and they call that progress.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I can sum up the electronic logs in one word. “Sucks”

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

We just started using one last month. It is a little complicated called “GTL-OMS”. The director was in our office (Classification) and had to ask how to use it. He has a PHD.

Portage county sheriff patchjpg cae919412e563a57 OHIO C/0 3 posts

I work for a small county jail ( 220 inmates) and we currently use a program called Jailview. It is an extremely user friendly program that makes keeping journal entries a whole lot easier.

Female user Capt.333 1 post

We currently use an electronic pass on log book. It is set up on our intranet. We still use hard cover log books for well-being checks and movement.

Male user jayman 1 post

We are currently using elctronic log books, not sure what the program is called.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Welcome to the zoo, CplBiscuit. I dunno what program anyone is using, but there a some replies to a similar thread titled “Logbooks” in the Clubhouse. Right now it’s about halfway down on the third page.

Male user CplBiscuit 1 post

I have recently heard about some facility are considering switching to electronic logbooks. Anybody currently using them? If so could you msg me the name of the actual logbook program. Thanks

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