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Maximum security for former COs


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Male user Alex 16 posts

I have had one former CO in a unit I worked in and he was in isolation. Granted he was only locked up for a few days. I’ve had two cops in General Population as well. The cops did surprisingly well actually. I would be more worried about former COs since they could be sharing information about how things are run and how to screw with us that the average con would not know about.

Would not bother me if he / she was having a rough go of it in seg or isolation as there is no way he could not say he did not know he could end up there doing whatever he did. Never worry it could be me either because I won’t be on that side of the bars.

Female user Lauren 5 posts

Thanks Jake. Correct. Just feels scary sometimes since it would apply to me if spending even a very short term for minor charges (though never happening hopefully)

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

No different than putting Lock smiths, gun smiths, Military special forces and so forth in prison. A lot of inmates have special skills that they can use to their benefit, skills that they have acquired in their past professions. It’s up to you to be on your toes and aware of your surroundings when dealing with them

Female user Lauren 5 posts

Hi there
I’m pretty new to this forum but would like to start with a question.
As a corrections officer i am faced with a new type if inmates entering our facility: former correctional officers and (private) security personal.
We’ve decided putting inmates with this kind of background into maximum security no matter what. Here this means 22h lockdown, 2h shower+yard cage and library cage all in full restraints.3 COs guarding her all time outside of her cell.
Actually i am unsure how you guys are dealing with security aware inmates? Is putting straight security onto inmates just because of their profession the best way of dealing with them?

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