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Male user frydd666 22 posts

Kansas has a bill up for vote that would allow anyone to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. I have kind of mixed feeling about it, but Montana, Wyoming, and a few other states have had this law in effect for a while and so far, their crime rates have not gone up. It might be a good thing, maybe not. I work in a county jail, and I don’t carry a firearm. I suppose our way of thinking is a little different. I do not feel insecure about not carrying a weapon, but on the other hand, I can also understand those that do.

Male user jfschrader 2 posts

That decision should be made based on your own feelings as a private citizen. If you are a correctional employee, you likely do not have any power of arrest. Your correctional authority within a facility does not extend to the general public. Portraying yourself as a law enforcement officer if you are not is illegal. If you feel you want a permit for personal protection as a citizen, then that is your constitutional right like any other citizen. I know a large percentage of correctional employees do carry weapons for personal protection, especially when they have received multiple threats from known violent inmates who eventually get released and have no interest except to return to their former lifestyle.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

Not here. Hand guns are illegal in Canada. Need a special permitt just to obtain one.

Male user Rockstar 2 posts

Just wondering how many of you carry a firearm, when you’re out in public? What is your reasons behind carrying?

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