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New movie Public Enemies opening this Friday


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In my research, I discovered the following information about John Dillinger:

John H. Dillinger was a notorious thief and gangster. He robbed dozens of banks in the Midwest stealing over $300,000 between the summers of 1933 and 1934.Behavior issues were observed throughout his adolescence and after quitting school to work, obeying the law became an even tougher feat. Growing up, Dillinger had minimal structure. After working for a short time, he began staying out until all hours of the night in the city of Indianapolis where he lived with his father, step-mother and sister. John W. Dillinger feared for his son’s well-being. He knew nothing good could come of his son’s habit of staying out all night, so he moved his family to a farm away from the city. This proved to be no better for his son who enlisted in the Navy only to be “dishonorably discharged” shortly after. Following his short stint in the Navy, Dillinger was in and out of jail and eventually escaped from prisons in Lima, Ohio and Crow Point, Indiana. He was on the run with fellow inmates he met while incarcerated. Finally, Dillinger faced his demise when the FBI caught up with him outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater. This planned attack was partially devised by an acquaintance known as the “Lady in Red.” Her nickname developed because of a red dress she chose to wear in order to aid the FBI in locating Dillinger after the movie let out. Dillinger was shot five times by three FBI agents; twice in the chest and once, fatefully, in the head. He died in the hospital on July 22, 1934.

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