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Job Title: How to Find the Perfect Hiking Pants for Men
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Hiking is becoming one of the perfect sports for those who want to reconnect with the natural world. Hiking brings us to the natural space away from the hectic city, noisy traffic and we are closer to our origins. To stay cool, comfortable, and safe on your journey, you need to have well-made outfits, especially your hiking pants.

The Top Rated Hiking Pants  must offer a comfortable fit, breathability, waterproof, and excellent durability. On this page, we show you how to find the best hiking pants for men and some recommendations for the high-end pants on the market currently. From that, you can easily choose hiking pants for yourself or family and friends.

Although each type of hiking pant has its strong points and specific unique features, there are still some factors considered as the mutual standards for choosing the best hiking pants. We want to use these standards for those who are looking for suitable men’s hiking pants.

Construction and materials

Hiking pants are mostly made of nylon and spandex. If you are expecting to go on simple hikes, nylon hiking pants are the right choice. However, nylon does not have much stretch. Hence, for more active hiking, bouldering or climbing, it is better to take pants with a little spandex. Spandex trekking pants for men will offer better flexibility.

Besides, you also can think about G-1000 material pants, which contain 35% cotton; it is very durable for outdoor hiking. A lightweight nylon softshell is also a perfect option for water resistance. Thus, it is ideal for alpine conditions and wet weather. You might not know about Marmot PreCip Eco, which is the pants for rain, and it is the unique waterproof choice on the list, but it lacks breathability.

Weight and breathability

Lightweight and breathable fabric make the best summer hiking pants. Mainly, you can buy a three-season pant with only one for winter, but if you frequent trails in the peak summer, it is better to get a pant only for summer. Otherwise, you would suffer due to overheating. Thus, hiking pants should be synthetic, which can dry out sweat faster. A mesh panel or pocket also helps airflow.

How thick should my hiking pants be?

Thickness also determines how durable the pants are. Thin pants are designed for summer, which does an excellent job of keeping you fresh, but they get easily damaged by brushing against rocks and other such obstacles in rough terrain. Thus, these are only for easy and simple hikes. If you are expecting to do tough and challenging hiking and climbing, thick pants will be better. It can keep you warmer in cold conditions and more durable, resistant to tears.

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There are 2 main types of best men’s convertible pants, which are roll - pants and zipped- off pants. These types help you to pack less clothing for your trek. Roll-up pants are fashionable because they are more comfortable than the zip-off pants. There are buttons and tabs support to secure the pant legs. Zip-off pants are also popular but not simple. Zippers make pants more cumbersome and difficult to use.

Water resistance

Waterproof hiking pants can offer protection in all types of weather. However, fully waterproof pants are not breathable, so when walking in the summertime, you should not have fully waterproof pants. DWR coating is recommended for pants. With this feature, rainwater will bead up and roll off.


Material is one of the factors that affect movement. Besides, articulated knees and gussets also play an essential part. Because there are the pants that are straight, the articulated knee will offer a natural bend for the pants. Gussets and articulated knees let hikers have a better level of motion to be more comfortable.

Top-rated hiking pants for men

Columbia Men's Convertible Pant

Columbia silver ridge pants are famous for versatility. They come with “Omni Dry Tech”, which keeps you cool and dry all day long. Primarily, the “Omni Shade Tech” also protects you from UV rays. These pants are made from nylon, mesh and the polyester mix. They also have an impressive seven pockets. Hence, you will have plenty of storage choices in this practical and lightweight design.

There is a variety of colors available. The multitude of pockets is a plus. However, its leg zipper is a little too bulky for some people. It weighs only 12.3 ounces. You also can replace the belt easily.

MAGCOMSEN Men's Hiking Pants

These pants made from 95% polyester with 5% spandex. Thus, these pants are very durable and stretchable, which are appropriate for three seasons of use. Moreover, they have some advanced features such as the elasticized waist and reinforced knees with ripstop material, zipper pockets, belt, and reinforced knees. These pants can keep you safe from moisture, and they are versatile for outdoors. Magcomsen pants also come at a reasonable price. There is one consideration, that is sizing, so you should check carefully before ordering.

Nonwe Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Water-Resistant Hiking Pants

Nonwe is made form 88% of nylon and 12% of spandex, so these pants are super comfortable and breathable. Thanks to their water resistant, quick-drying, and breathability properties, these pants become the best travel-friendly pants on the market. These waterproof hiking pants come with zipper pockets at the back and side, zipper fly, and button closure. The drawstring hem for turning the pants into shorts below the knee is one of the best innovations. The only one drawback is that the cargo pocket is a bit small.

Jack Wolfskin Men's North Pants

Jack wolfskin pants are produced by a German company, which always releases the best quality outdoor gear and apparel to the market. These pants are made from organic polyester and cotton. Thus, you can get quick drying while it also features wind and water resistance. You will not be disappointed as they are sturdy and durable. Moreover, these pants offer users six deep and practical pockets for various storage items. Besides, these pockets are located in the right place where you can get the best use.

Asfixiado Hiking Pants

Asfixiado Hiking Pants are made from 100% nylon; these pants are a quick-drying and versatile design that comes with Taslon fabric for maximum protection from UV rays. Besides, its “Omni Wick Tech” technology also protects you from moisture and keeps you cool and dry thoroughly. If you are looking for a classic fit, these pants are the right choice with the multi-pocket, including the zipper and Velcro and an elasticized waist. There is a belt included. However, these pants could make you uncomfortable because of noise while walking.

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Final verdict

Our five pairs of pants reviews are created from our own experience; we always hope that it would be helpful for you to make a decision. Now, it is time for you to choose. If you have anything to share, don’t hesitate to leave some advice below. It would be not only for us but also for everybody who is seeking the best hiking pants for men. Don’t forget to visit our page of best-hiking pants women can get!

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