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Hot Tip - “Gangster Disciple”
By Tracy E. Barnhart
Published: 03/08/2010

Gangster disciple The history of the Gangster Disciples begins with Larry Hoover, who entered and rose through the ranks of the Chicago gang circuit in the 1960’s and took control of the gang in 1974 by leading a series of increasingly powerful alliances. He ended up running the gang from prison until he was transferred to a higher security wing in the 1990s. Hoover was born in Jackson, Mississippi on November, 30, 1950. He moved to Chicago with his family in 1955. At the age of 16, Hoover joined a gang of 50 older youths called the Supreme Gangsters. Hoover and his Supreme Gangsters hung around their neighborhood at the corner of 68th and Green Street in impoverished Englewood on the South Side of Chicago. Hoover was kicked out of high school on the first day of his sophomore year, in 1965, after being shot in the thigh by a rival gang member.

The gang is estimated to have over 50,000 members in the Chicago-city area, and 200,000 members in the country, and even 600,000 members world-wide. Although the gang has a lot of Wanna-be’s the gang considers them gonna-Be’s which is why the gangs membership is so high. The gang has also been seen in the game Video game -Saints Row- the 3rd street saints (one of the street gangs in the game) are supposedly based off of the GD’s but this is still unknown. The gang has a very strong presence on the eastern coast of the USA.

The gang’s graffiti has been reportedly seen in US military bases in Iraq. Chicago chief of police has talked with President Bush concerning this, he is worried that while over there the gang is getting urban warfare training and will bring it back to the US and train the other members, he said “the last thing we need in Chicago are disciples with military tactics walking the streets”.

The gang is considered a criminal organization and is one of the most violent gangs in the USA. It is the strongest gang in the Folk Nation. Gangster Disciples are one of the most violent of four African-American gangs that hang out on the south side of Chicago. They are known for their violence and the distribution of crack cocaine. The Vice Lord Nation is the oldest street gang in Chicago followed by the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, also known as the Gangster Disciples.

1960s: David Barksdale creates the Disciple Nation David Barksdale, another South Side-based gang leader Jerome King Shorty Freeman and Don Charles Jones created the Disciple Nation consisting of his Devil’s Disciples street gang (the main branch of the ‘nation’), the Falcon Disciples and others. During this time, Barksdale also controlled three other lesser gang’s one being known today as the most silent but deadliest Disciple Nation Gangs in Tacoma Washington, Southside Villain Folks. Today, Georgia is one of the biggest disciple houses in the United States with its prisons containing one of the most important folk members who ever lived, Earl Porter, aka King Porter from middle Georgia.

Porter had been raised in Chicago on the South Side, but due to murder charges from Don Jones, King Porter was moved to Georgia to get away from the gang violence in 1987. David and Hoover tried to get King Porter to come back to Chicago but he never came back. None of the King Disciples heard from Earl ever since. His disciple branch was never complete. His brother Mike a.k.a. Mike Mayor was found dead after a three million dollar drug deal gone bad. King Earl should have been the Nation’s president but he left Chicago. The last time any of the leading head family members heard from King Porter was when he served a four year sentence in prison for drug trafficking charges in Atlanta GA.

In 1974, after the death of David Barksdale, Hoover was appointed the new leader of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. Two years later, Jerome “Shorty” Freeman (who was a candidate for the Nation’s presidency) left the BGDN, making the Black Disciples and the Black Gangster Disciples separate gang organizations. Even in prison, Hoover gave orders to his gang members and directed their illegal drug trade. On July 22, 1978, an inmate riot at the Pontiac Correctional Center in Illinois resulted in the death of three corrections officers. This uprising was rumored to have been ordered by Hoover. 18 inmates were indicted; ten were acquitted after an 11-week trial. Charges against Hoover and seven others were eventually dropped.

Hoover and the leaders of other gang organizations in Chicago came together to form the Folks alliance, a pact meant to settle disputes and instill a more peaceful environment behind prison walls and on the streets. Hoover may not have been totally responsible for its creation as some suggest; at the time the largest gang in the alliance was the Simon City Royals, a white gang. Hoover is the leader of the GD’s, not all Folks. However in the present year the GD’s are now the largest gang in the Folk Nation having over an estimated 600,000 members world-wide.


Gangster Disciples say the most with their tattoos. It is very east to identify several things from just one tattoo. Below you will find a list of common identifiers that Gangster Disciples use for identification.

Six Pointed Star - Yes, the Star of David is one of the most common ways for a Gangster Disciple to identify them. The reason they use this star is because GD’s fall under the Folk Nation, which reps the number 6. In no way is this suggestion that the Star of David is gang related but it is used by GD’s for a totally different reason.

Pitchforks - You will see a pitchfork or two facing upward. They use a pitchfork for identification and at times you will see the pitchfork crossing out the letter B or the number 5, showing disrespect to the Bloods and People Nation Gangs.

Three Dots - Common with many gangs but each gang has its own meaning. These dots will be in the shape of a triangle.

Dice with the Six showing - Another example of using the number 6 for identification.

The letter G - Clearly represents Gangster

Upside Down Cane - Shows disrespect to the Vice Lords, which is one of the biggest rivals of GD’s. GD’s will also refer to Vice Lords and Vickie Lou’s.

Heart with Wings - This is very common among all Folk Nation gangs

Eight Ball - This shows an alliance between Crips and GD’s.

The letters below have a meaning and are not just random letters. Keep in mind that we are dealing with hardcore criminals and they do not tattoo numbers and letters on them for the fun of it. THEY HAVE A MEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MMM - Money Mac Maintain
  • KWU - Knowledge Wisdom Understanding
  • LLL - Love Life Loyalty
  • 974 - These are the ninth, seventh and fourth letters of the alphabet, which are IGD. This represents Insane Gangster Disciple
  • 74 - Gangster Disciple
  • 274 - Black Gangster Disciple
  • 211 - Represents Blood Killa

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  4. MechChick on 03/15/2013:

    First off, all this talk like Hoover was a hero is crap. The article stated things very matter-of-fact and unbiased. The facts are facts - you can't twist them around. He skipped school to go hang out with friends. He ran around doing the easy way instead of the way the rest of us went. emeritus74 you speak of God, well it takes bravery and guts to do things the right way. If it weren't hard, it wouldn't be a true test before God. saj28johnson you call others names and say that they are probably the ones getting beat at school, that they are too weak to defend themselves just because they speak their mind here, yet look at the statistics for youth joining gangs: most join for protection or under threat of "if you're not with us, you're against us." emeritus74 you go further into "walk a mile in our shoes." Let me tell YOU a story. No man/woman is better than another. MLK Jr's message was that of PEACE and ACCEPTANCE on ALL sides. It's not meant to be one sided. It's not supposed to be "feel bad for my people because a long time ago someone hurt them." It's not supposed to be "my people were oppressed so I can act however I want." If that were the case, Jewish people would be running the world. Before you go off on me about what you think my background is, I'll tell you. My father's side is divided among Native American (Cherokee) and black. My great grandfather cam here from Cape Verde under threat of being hanged because he was 'loving' a white girl. My mother's side is Naragansett, & Pequot indians. However, because of my black mix, the Pequot won't accept me. Because of my Native American mix, it makes my skin light, so I was constantly turned down for scholorships for not being dark enough. I'm obviously not white from my facial structure & skin color... So try growing up in a time when the mafia was still strong & all your neighbors are Irish & Italian. Try being called Moulie every day, or guys trying to beat the crap out of you just because you are dark complected. Try not fitting in anywhere and having ONLY your older brother (who thru birth issues is half your size) and the Jewish kid down the street as your buddies. When we moved it was great at first because the community was more mixed. But there was still only white or black. No mixes in one person! So I'm still too dark for whites, too mixed for tribes, and too white for blacks. The MOST racism I've seen in my entire lifetime is from blacks and that is including the time growing up in mafia land. As far as I'm concerned, there are MANY opportunities for dark complected individuals. It is up to us to seize opportunities as they arise. Before we start pointing the finger back & forth at eachother, let's STFU and take a deep breath. I'm not advocating a eutopia, just for there to be change, it's gotta start with someone. Check out 100 Black Men of America's website & you'll see awesome people DOING things! It's great!

  5. kingjoey on 11/14/2010:


  6. emeritus74 on 05/20/2010:

    okay first off let me start off by saying that the person who commented with his off the wall as suggestions about the GROWTH and DEVELOPEMENT ORGANIZATION doesnt really know or understand the forces that they are attemting to deal with. I happen to know about this ORGANIZATION and by no means is it all bad. Larry Hoover is a man that like most of us made some bad choices ealy on in his life, and as a result of those choices he is paying his debt to society for it. We all fall short of the glory of GOD so without saying no one man is perfect. Our environment puts almost every African - American at risk and opens them up for these attacks upon our livelihood. Yes it is our own personal choice to assume these roles but in all actuality what honestly do we have left. The so-called gang epidemic did not become that until it crossed over to middle class suburbia. When little Jhonny or Tommy's teacher started noticing the change in his social behavior and aggressive nature. When it were only the little negro children losing their lives everyday at alarming rates it was just Honkey Doorey. Now that they are signs of six pointed stars and five pointed stars over seas now the gangs are getting off into terrorism and have attracted the attention of the local FBI ATF and DEA. Not only now do we have to watch our backs when going to school or the local market but now we are faced with the challenge of not congregating with too many of our friends because if one of them is a drug dealer then we all can be indicted on federal charges ranging from maintaining a criminal enterprise to the RICO Act. Now that they are pretty much done with the Mafia and they cant sell those Al Quieda tickets to the public anymore lets see whose now up to bat..... Oh us!!!! Dude in conclussion give me a fucking break, you will never know what we are up against on a daily basis unless you've walked an inch in our shoes. Thank You for your time. Oh and to the misjudging of character individual calling us pussies 1 you must be a cop hiding behind your badge, 2 you were probably that little kid who got pissed on at recess or had his peanut butter sandwich took everyday at luch time because you couldnt fight... either way you're still a pussy and remember this "One Alone Stands A Thousand Strong" Emeritus 74

  7. saj28johnson on 04/08/2010:

    this for the loser striker know what u talking bout b4 u speak cause i happen to know and love sumone that is an officially true gd and if u did ure homework u would know what they truely stood for and u need to look larry hoover (the founder) up and u mite understand that they dont represent all bad things.everyone makes bad choices but i stand bhind what they GD's are now trying to do and just to let u know my man is far from a pussie.and he neva needed a group of ppl not eva so get ure facts straight speak on what u know not what u think u knw and no im not n a gang neva have neva will.

  8. Striker on 03/08/2010:

    As far as i'm concerned..there all a bunch of pussies..brave as hell when there 50 deep..but catch them alone and there the biggest cowards on gods green earth....

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