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Integrity and The Correctional Professional
By William Sturgeon
Published: 07/19/2010

Choice The other day I had an opportunity to think about the topic of Integrity and the Correctional Professional. I guess I just assumed that the two areas went together like peanut butter and jelly. All correctional professionals, I am sure, believe they have Integrity and they probably do in the philosophical sense. Where I believe correctional professionals’ integrity is tested is in the ‘real world’ application of integrity. As I probed my logic, I started to question, what does integrity in a correctional setting mean – specifically!

I looked-up the definition of integrity:
  1. Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
  2. The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
  3. A sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull. [1]

When I looked at the definition, I thought, of course the correctional professionals MUST have integrity to perform their duties and responsibilities. Society has entrusted correctional professionals with the custody and care of criminals who have been found guilty by the courts. Their sentences to correctional institutions is society’s way of punishing them for their criminal activities.

My experience has demonstrated to me that your integrity “inside the walls” is as important to you as it is to offenders. Offenders will soon size you up and test the boundaries of your personal integrity.

Correctional professionals who let their personal integrity slip will loathe themselves more than the offenders will. The offenders will just take great enjoyment in bringing them down.

I have seen good correctional professionals lose their way (integrity) and end-up as offenders themselves, and who had be to housed in Protective Custody Units, their lives in complete ruin.

Integrity for correctional professionals manifests itself via multiple dimensions. Each day the integrity of every correctional professional is measured by multiple groups of people:
  • Other correctional employees
  • Offenders
  • Families of offenders
  • The criminal justice system
  • General public

Each of the groups will test the integrity of the correctional professional from different directions.

Other Correctional Employees

Other correctional employees may try to compromise the integrity of correctional professionals by approaching them to not follow policies and procedures, falsify reports, cover-up incidents, and/or lie!

For correctional professionals, as for all of us, there are two ways for us to compromise our integrity:
  1. The sin of Commission – You personally commit the violation which breaches your integrity. Example: you used excessive force.
  2. The sin of Omission is where you do not do the right thing. Example: Another staff member uses excessive force on an offender and you do not stop it, lie to cover it up, fail to report it, or falsify a report.


Offenders will use multiple methods and techniques to see if they can entrap correctional professionals. Offenders try to have correctional professionals compromise their integrity for a variety of reasons:
  1. As entertainment and for their amusement
  2. To further their criminal activities within the correctional facility
  3. To gain control over the staff members
  4. To gain control over other offenders
  5. To facilitate an escape, assault, rape or murder

Regardless of what the reason, once a correctional professional compromises his/her integrity to offenders, that person is in serious trouble. If a correctional employee has compromised his/her integrity, the only thing left to do is report it to a supervisor or to the administration. Depending on how serious the issue, the correctional employee may be terminated, or worse, arrested. One thing is certain. The longer it takes a correctional employee to report his/her breakdown in his/her integrity, the more trouble he/she can get into.

Families of Offenders

Correctional professionals can compromise their integrity when dealing with offenders’ families when they fail to step up to the plate and tell it like it is.

Correctional professionals on occasion have to interface with offenders’ families. When these occasions take place, the offenders’ families are totally dependent on the correctional professional. Therefore, the correctional professional should:
  1. Always be as truthful as possible
  2. Commit only to what they know they can deliver
  3. Avoid promises
  4. On no account “candy coat” reality
  5. By no means become “personally” involved with an offender’s family

While the correctional professional may feel sorry for the family members, it is wrong to mislead them. Most people can deal with the truth, even though they may not like it. Sometimes correctional employees take the easy way out and are not 100% truthful with the families of offenders.

The Criminal Justice System

Correctional professionals can compromise their integrity when dealing with others elements of the Criminal Justice System when they fail to follow the laws, policies and procedures for:
  1. The exchange of information
  2. When they withhold important information about an offender

In an effort to “get along” with other members of the criminal justice system, correctional professionals can compromise their integrity. Example: a local jail incarcerates an offender without the proper paper work. If the correctional professional does this one time, it could easily become the rule, not the exception.

General Public

Correctional professionals can compromise their professional integrity by not conducting themselves as professionals and performing their duties in a professional way. Additionally, correctional professionals should always adhere to the policies and procedures of their agencies.

The general public expects correctional professionals to:
  1. Protect the general public from convicted offenders
  2. Provide for the humane custody of offenders while they are in custody
  3. Attempt to rehabilitate offenders while they are in custody


Integrity in the field of corrections is one of the characteristics that helps separate the correctional professionals from the offenders they are charged with incarcerating. Every time I hear of a professional in the criminal justice system compromising his/her integrity, it troubles me deeply. When this happens, the person who has compromised his/her integrity has let down the entire criminal justice system, all the men and women who daily place their lives on the line. Every time anyone in the criminal justice system compromises their integrity they betray the public’s trust and weaken the entire system.


Visit the Bill Sturgeon page

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  53. ftep on 08/11/2010:

    NO COMPROMISE 08-11-2010 I have spent many years as a Feild Traing Officer in Corrections. Integrity seems to be the most ignored facet of many Correctional Professionals. It is preached but is quite often not practiced. New Officers are told that their integrity is vital to the success of a departments mission and responsibility to the publics trust. However it soon becomes quite evident, to new Officers, that integrity or lack of integrity serves other purposes. The realization that the word intergity has many uses. It is depended upon who uses it, when it is used, for what purpose, and to gain what. It is all too often used for personal gain. I agree with Turnkey. We the keepers are challenged daily to maintain our integrity. We are challenged both from within our institutions and from without. We must remember the oath we have taken and stand by that oath in the face of opposition no matter where it comes from. Never compromise. Stay strong and stead fast.

  54. Turnkey on 07/24/2010:

    I admit your generalization of the meaning of what you say is very sound; however, you neglect to incorporate the lack of integrity of the justice system itself, whose ideas and morals we are bound to uphold. The "system" as we know it has become weak and flawed and that, unfortunately, translates into a changing of officers basic abilities and behaviors. Society’s moral groups now dictate how we are to behave within the very walls we must patrol. Our management teams, whom we need to support and protect us, are powerless to maintain institutional control and disciplinary procedure in the face of public ideology and backlash. Fear of retribution on all levels has led us to become a "tolerant" system. A system where "turning your back" to avoid involvement and possible prosecution, has become the norm. Our system, to placate the social masses, is just as quick to throw people "with integrity" to the wolves as they would one without integrity. Not a system needed in the bowels of criminal institutional life where threat of violence is a daily occurance. I for one DO believe in the integrity of the role I carry and IT IS NOT AN EASY ROLE THESE DAYS. I have been pounding the floors for 21 years and will, hopefully, be doing it for another 13. I don't mean to offend any of my hard working Correctional peers, this is just how I see it. I am hopeful that the integrity of the "system" gets fixed so I can carry out all facets of my duties as a just officer. I would like to go home after every shift and feel comforted in knowing I did my job to the fullest of my abilities and that the actions of those I affect will be as just.

  55. Joey Cotton on 07/21/2010:

    A very, very good article. I like the explainations of how different persons can attempt to curb a corrections officer's integerty. Right on the money.

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