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Report: States Deal With More Female Offenders
By njtoday.net/ - Susan Ferriss
Published: 09/05/2012

Violent juvenile crime has fallen over the last decade — good news — but the numbers of American girls getting into trouble have continued to increase, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“Girls now represent 15 percent of those held in juvenile facilities and as much as 34 percent in some states,” the survey by the nonpartisan Denver- and Washington, D.C.-based group found. Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon and New Mexico have passed laws that require “gender-specific” rehabilitation programs or plans for programs for this growing female population.

The number of girls accused of offenses has been on the rise for three decades, according to U.S. Department of Justice reports. For example, thearrest rate of girls for simple, or minor, assault in 2003 was more than triple the rate in 1980.

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  1. Fred Davis on 09/07/2012:

    Many of these young adults would have had their own businesses as well as properties if the State had not unconsciously or possibly consciously marginalized these "persons" by promoting and advertising these young men and women as "feeble." Instead the government has chosen to present these young people as " disabled" and needing a "government crutch”. This is to profit the "change agents" in the Juvenile Justice System. Now the progressive "movement" is reaping the fruit of their labor “movement”. This is what occurs when the chattel of the parent under common law becomes the chattel of the government instead. Political correctness advertises specific groups as weak and in need of a crutch. This in itself is degrading indeed. Whatever happened to stay at home mothers that saw someone else (like government) raising the children for them and indoctrinating them as a negative thing? Instead those that teach we all came from monkeys are producing "kids" that are acting as such. Then after the ignorant Darwinist parents created these munchkins they now want to "help" the monsters that they created back in 1920 and after. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that many foreign countries have "teens" that are respectful toward their parents and have no "storm and stress at all. Why do statistics show that arranges marriages have a much better chance of surviving than ROME-ANTIC ones based on lust or "feeling based insanity." Our bodies are supposed to be our own property but that is no longer true as persons for the young adolescent (mature person). In stead the progressive movement has removed the 5th and 6th amendment rights from these individuals. This country needs more than hope and change. It needs prayer and needs to understand how to take personal responsibility at young ages without nanny. This country needs to pay it's own bills before offering other nations an offering of fiat non-money that will put the next generation of "kids" into the economic fire as a sacrifice to the gods of greed and self.

  2. Fred Davis on 09/06/2012:

    Rights and responsibilities go together. It can be no other way

  3. Fred Davis on 09/06/2012:

    When I was in the eighth grade (1958) the term “kid” was considered a condescending vulgar term to be applied to post pubescent young adults who are not really children at all but are intellectually heterogeneous indeed. Being made into the “likeness of a goat” by etymological definition shows that the whole article starts off by degrading young ladies by terminology. What one expects by faith one will receive. It is an atrocity that young men past the age of puberty are taught by women today. It also is degrading by obscuring their natural headship and authority by birth. The whole wiring in men and women is quite different. Never did any of my teachers use such vulgar bastardized English to speak of young adults (minors from 13-18). This whole theory of “storm and stress” has been challenged and proven to be fraudulent by marginalizing young adults from the job market at young ages. Many individuals created many jobs and invented many item that were very useful indeed. It was a way for the unions in Chicago to keep any challenge of young adults from using their gifts that might compete with the unions who were basically men at that time. Young adults once had full fifth and sixth amendment rights (government privileges) until they were marginalized by the mobster powers that were in the Republican party in Chicago, Illinois. Hence, the Juvenile Justice System. (1920) Most research today shows full cognitive ability for young adults by 12 years of age and according to Raven's study of intelligence in the British Journal of Psychology in the mean age of intelligence peaks at 13 to 14 years of age. Wechsler, who developed the most widely used intelligence tests, showed intelligence peaking at 15 and declining afterward. A 1972 study (Tomlinson-Keasey) showed formal operational thinking showed emergence around the age of puberty and declining shortly after peaking shortly after puberty. How demeaning is it to the youth of America to be clumped into a box or a group in a homogeneous fashion? No one wants to face the fact that young adults are not feeble as the progressive movement implies. Yet this article is an example of nanny state still locked into believing the false concepts and principles that slated foreheads allegedly proved that one was to become a criminal and teens are children. Why do who are to be mature adults use such colloquially bastardized English to skew real issues? My first suggestion to the author would to be to restore the rights given by God to these young men and women and to quit “verbally abusing” these young individuals by starting an article out with such poor English that is condescending in and of itself. It is time to quit believing in old data and archaic research and give these adults their true potential and cease and desist from clumping these grown mature and intellectually heterogeneous individuals into the box of Darwinism. My children are not rooted in tribalism nor are they into the box of the ideology of resentment and envy. (socialism or “communism-in drag”) Restore their rights and quit making them into the image by perception of homogeneous monkeys from 13-18. Use the up to data and research please. The fact is teens are isolated from adults when they once worked side by side at early ages indeed. This young people once accomplished great inventions and most of our accomplishments were done by those who had to quit school in the eighth grade or less. Now the modern day “kids” are embracing mom until twenty six and depending on the surrogate father of state from cradle to the grave. Check out the economic clock and we are at midnight and that is only a symptom of what is coming economically for the “kids” in the next generation. One is a “girl” when it is politically convenient but weirdly becomes an “adult” under law when a major crime is committed. The “kid” gets his rights under law restored and will fall under adult law at that time.

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