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Juvenile Offenders in Limbo under Outdated State Laws
By jjie.org - Maggie Lee and Oliver Ortega
Published: 10/17/2012

More than two years after U.S. Supreme Court decisions started throwing out mandatory death and life sentences for minors, judges in Washington, Illinois and dozens of other states still lack guidance on what to do with juveniles past and present convicted of murder and some other serious felonies.

“Courts are uncomfortable in trying to figure out what ‘life’ means in terms of years,” said Kimberly Ambrose, senior law lecturer at the University of Washington School of Law. She represented Guadalupe Solis-Diaz at the state’s Court of Appeals, arguing against a 92-year sentence he’s serving for six counts of first-degree assault and other charges for his role in a drive-by shooting. The then 16-year-old Solis-Diaz fired into a crowd in Centralia, Wash., in 2007, though did not injure his target or anyone else.

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  1. Fred Davis on 10/17/2012:

    Correction: Make that 5th and sixth amendments. My bad.

  2. Fred Davis on 10/17/2012:

    Did anyone say Chicago?

  3. Fred Davis on 10/17/2012:

    The Supreme Court threw out life sentences and death sentences but no one is speaking up of restoring the previous 8th and 9th amendment rights that were taken by reforming young men and women in their teens that they once had before the progressives (1920) robbed these young adult teens the right to own land, to become entrepreneurs, and the same rights to always have a speedy jury trial and to have a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness of any “person” under law. Instead the left and neo right is now planning on the “new homes” being large enough to accommodate a dead beat son to come home to and get health care with little or no incentive to break his bond with momma who will have an extra room for all “the underemployed” that is on the way for those with big degrees and no real work skills. The new post pubescent young adolescent is now nearing 26 in the jaundiced eye of surrogate father state. How many miles must a man walk down before they call him a man. To coddle young men with nurturing love past 13 years of age is quite “creepy”. Restore their total rights and liberty. Kagan must have had a hand in this strange arbitrary doctrine.

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