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Published Title Author
10/21/2019 Ways to Address Food Contamination in Correctional Facilities Robert Kravitz
09/16/2019 Corrections Degreasers Robert Kravitz
08/19/2019 Selecting the Right Supplier for Your Correctional Facility Robert Kravitz
07/15/2019 Helping Correctional Facilities Reduce Costs by Reducing Water Consumption Robert Kravitz
06/17/2019 What Correctional Administrators Should Know about Drain Clogs and Odors Robert Kravitz
05/20/2019 A Wrong Turn Leads to a Messy Problem Robert Kravitz
04/15/2019 Protecting the Health of Incoming Prisoners: Six Diseases Correctional Administrators Should Be Aware Of Robert Kravitz
03/18/2019 Does Bacteria Talk? Yup They Do Robert Kravitz
02/18/2019 Correctional Facilities and the Menstrual Equity Movement Robert Kravitz
01/21/2019 How Much Does That Calorie Cost? Robert Kravitz
12/17/2018 What Correctional Facility Administrators Need to Know About Hospital Floorcare Robert Kravitz
11/19/2018 The "A" "B" and "C" of Cleaning Correctional Facility Showers Robert Kravitz
10/15/2018 Can A Sign Help Reduce Water Consumption? Robert Kravitz
09/17/2018 Concerns about the Use of Disinfecting Wipes in Correctional Facilities Robert Kravitz
08/20/2018 Can Nature Help Slow "Jail Churn?" Robert Kravitz
07/16/2018 Repercussions of Prison Population Growth Robert Kravitz
06/18/2018 Putting the Breaks in Inmate Water Use Robert Kravitz
05/21/2018 Using Less but Paying More Robert Kravitz
04/16/2018 The Great Dumpster Escapes Robert Kravitz
03/19/2018 Let's Talk Trash Robert Kravitz
02/19/2018 Menu Planning in Correctional Facilities Robert Kravitz
01/15/2018 Food Safety Starts in the Fridge Robert Kravitz
01/08/2018 Taking the Politics Out of Climate Change… and what correctional administrators need to know Robert Kravitz
11/20/2017 Even Mob Bosses Should Not Suffer a Slip and Fall Accident Robert Kravitz
10/16/2017 Keeping Prison Gym Floors Clean and Long Lasting Robert Kravitz
09/18/2017 Why Corrections Administrators Need to Know the Five C’s Robert Kravitz
07/17/2017 Ways to Help Stop the Spread of Disease in Correctional Facilities Robert Kravitz
08/15/2016 Why Disinfectants May Not Protect Inmates and Staff Robert Kravitz
05/16/2016 DEFCON and Correctional Facilities Robert Kravitz
04/20/2015 The Pink, the Blue, and the Yellow Robert Kravitz

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