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Montgomery Technology, Inc.

<P>Montgomery Technology, Inc. (MTI) is an ISO 9001 registered firm involved in the design and manufacturing of ‘state of the art' integrated security electronics since 1987.&nbsp; We provide a pre-engineered, factory tested head-end control system for detention facilities and other security applications.&nbsp; MTI has over 1100 completed facilities across the USA, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico &amp; the Virgin Islands.&nbsp; As a delivery method, MTI uses local or regional security electronics contractors to install, maintain, and service our equipment.</P> <P>&nbsp;MTI manufacturer's graphic control and annunciator panels (with a variety of switch types), touch screen, wireless controls, digital intercom system, video visitation systems, access control system and biometric interfacing.&nbsp; </P> <P>MTI can provide a fully integrated, PLC based control system for locking, intercom, &amp; lighting.&nbsp; MTI provides an RS 232 serial interface to most systems with which interface is needed, including; Fire Alarm Systems, CCTV switchers, Duress Systems, Perimeter Systems, Card Access, etc.&nbsp; MTI can also provide dry contact exchange for systems not capable of serial interface, such as Elevators.</P>

Some key words or phrases which describe MTI are: Stability, Backwards Compatibility, Industry Technology Leaders, Easy Maintenance. We are very proud of the fact that the MTI system offers the best long term solution for detention controls. – Tim Skipper President.

Apart From The Rest...

<P>MTI provides unparalleled long term support to the facility owner and our dealers.&nbsp; MTI provides a toll free technical support line (800-392-8292) that facility maintenance personnel/dealer technicians can call for technical assistance.&nbsp; There is NO CHARGE for technical support and is available for the life of the system.&nbsp; Further, MTI conducts 2-day training classes every two months (call Dara Brown on our toll free line for class schedules).&nbsp; The classes cover maintenance, trouble-shooting &amp; programming.&nbsp; Attendees are given a free copy of the PLC programming software.&nbsp; There is NO CHARGE for the training and no limit to the number of classes you can attend.&nbsp; In addition, MTI has designed our system to be upgradeable so that you upgrade from a graphic panel to touch screen and continue to use the I/O termination boards, relays and decoder boards, etc.&nbsp;&nbsp; Unlike others, we make our equipment ‘backward compatible', so that new and advancing components will fit back into the existing system and will NOT leave you with an obsolete system after just a few years.&nbsp; The ProDesign software is provided on touch screen projects at no additional cost. The touch screen ProDesign software gives the end-user design capabilities for their touch screen control stations.</P> <P>We let the Corrections &amp; Detention professionals speak.&nbsp; We listen.&nbsp; Over the years we have had numerous conversations and meetings with Correctional Officers, Jail Administrators, Wardens, Sheriffs, Directors and Commissioners.&nbsp; We've listened to what they said about the control features they want and how to make their operations work more efficiently, faster, &amp; safer.&nbsp; We've incorporated their good ideas into our hardware and software.&nbsp; </P> <P><BR>&nbsp;</P>

Committment to Corrections

<P>'The design team at MTI, and everyone else should be congratulated on what I think is one of the best systems anywhere'.&nbsp; --&nbsp; George D. Helton, Director of Technology Services, Yakima County, Washington.</P> <P>One of the reasons we choose MTI was ‘the reliability of the system and the simplicity of the system in that it can be maintained by our own staff which decreases maintenance cost.'&nbsp; -- Major G.M. Dover, Bartow County Sheriff's Office, Georgia</P> <P>‘Montgomery Technology Inc. is the one name I trust with all our automated control needs'. -- Mr. John Dixon, Maintenance Supervisor, Bradford&nbsp; County Jail, Florida</P> <P>‘I've been to your training class and love the way you provide 100% support of your products.&nbsp; Your customer service is awesome!'&nbsp; -- Joni Kelsey, IT Dept. San Juan County, AZ</P>

Looking Forward

<P>The first nineteen years we've been in business, our focus has been to meet the correctional &amp; detention facilities needs.&nbsp; We forge ahead, providing the latest &amp; best technology to corrections.&nbsp; MTI was the first in Corrections/Detention using wireless PDA with voice over IP.&nbsp; MTI will soon be announcing Video Over Ethernet, Embedded Controllers, DVRs &amp; other innovations to be announced later this year.</P> <P>We expect the next nineteen years to be just as interesting as the first.&nbsp;&nbsp; Technology will continue change, to improve, become faster &amp; smaller.&nbsp; As these changes occur, MTI will persist in our dedication to corrections by making the newest technology backwards compatible to our oldest systems, to continually improve our technical training to meet end users needs, and provide the best, long-term customer service possible.&nbsp; </P>

For More Information Contact:
Terry Mullins, Sales Manager
Montgomery Technology, Inc.
800 E. Commerce Street, Greenville, AL 36037

Phone: 334-382-7441
Toll Free: 800-392-8292
Fax: 334-382-9793
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Corporate Facts

Montgomery Technology, Inc.

Year Started: 1987

Corporate Focus/Specialty:
Security Controls for Detention, Touchscreens, Wireless Controls, JMS Software

Certifications, Schedules, Blankets:
<FONT face="Arial Unicode MS" size=3>UL Certified Products, UL Certified Panel Shop, ISO 9001:2000</FONT>

Owned By:
Privately Owned

Greenville, AL

# of Office Locations:  2

# of Employees:  30

Most Recent Projects:
Yakima Co. WA
500 Bed Jail – Touch Screen &amp; wireless controls – County-Wide Access Control

Lawton Correctional (GEO), OK
500 bed extention


Corporate Philosophy

The employees of Montgomery Technology, Inc. are committed to providing the highest quality products that fully meet the customer requirements, internal and external, through continuous improvements in quality and service.&nbsp; Through company-wide employee involvement, training and teamwork, we endeavor to make the best uses of the talents within our company to produce products of superior quality in an increasingly efficient manner.
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