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Senstar-Stellar Corporation

<P>Senstar-Stellar Corporation offers sensor systems for outdoor perimeter security. As a member of the Magal Group, we offer the broadest range of solutions to outdoor perimeter requirements. From covert buried cables to fence detection systems to microwave barriers to taut wire systems, we can off a choice of solutions to a particular need.</P> <P>In acquiring Dominion Wireless in 2003, Senstar-Stellar Corporation was able to offer not only a unique product (Flare) for personal alarm systems, but also full integration with our control and display systems. It enabled correctional institutions to be certain that the innovative features offered by Flare would perform seamlessly when integrated into the prison's security system</P>

&#8220;Senstar-Stellar Corporation has always worked closely with the corrections industry in Canada and the United States to provide solutions that exceed our customer expectations,&#8221; says Brian Rich, President of Senstar-Stellar. &#8220;Our products are found in every federal prison in Canada, and in many federal and state prisons in the United States, most notably in Florida and Michigan.&#8221;

Apart From The Rest...

<P>In our factory near Ottawa, Canada, we test every electronics module before shipment. For those modules that will have to work outdoors, we test them for one day at -40F and two days at +70F in an environmental chamber. We maintain a 10 acre test site, the largest commercial test site in the world, to evaluate and improve current and new products. Our outdoor products include Perimitrax, Intelli-FLEX, IntelliFIBER and MPS-4100, all of which have been installed in correctional institutions.</P> <P>Flare is the only personal emergency locating system that uses a patented radio frequency (RF) system to alert security personnel as to the identity and whereabouts (to within 20 ft. or 6m) of a staff member who needs assistance. RF has been used to identify the staff member in trouble, but other systems have had to rely on secondary means, often with line-of-sight requirements, to locate the person in need. Not only will Flare identify the location to within 20 ft. (or in some cases to within 12.5 ft. in enhanced mode), but it will also indicate on which side of an exterior wall that the officer is located. It will also clearly discriminate between outdoor and indoor spaces. Flare will operate successfully in open-concept, multi-floor housing units. Flare has a man-down option to alarm when a Flare transmitter (carried in a belt holster) exceeds a programmed angle of tilt for a pre-set time. Flare operates in the public safety band, and so is immune to interference found in other more commonly used RF bands. Flare is a unique personal alarm locating system.</P>

Committment to Corrections

The corrections market is a very important part of the business of Senstar-Stellar Corporation. In Canada we have an in-house Systems Group that looks after all aspects of corrections institutional projects, including project planning, sales, installation, commissioning, in-house and on-site training and award-winning documentation. For US and international sales, the corporate group provides in-depth technical support by phone and on site.&nbsp; Our commitment is beyond question.

Looking Forward

For More Information Contact:
Brian Rich, President
Senstar-Stellar Corporation
119 John Cavanaugh Drive, Carp, ON K0A 1L0 Canada

Phone: (613) 839-5572
Toll Free: 1-800-390-5796
Fax: (613) 839-5830
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Corporate Facts

Senstar-Stellar Corporation

Year Started: 1983

Corporate Focus/Specialty:
Outdoor Perimeter Security Systems, Personal Alarm Systems

Certifications, Schedules, Blankets:

Owned By:
Magal Security Systems Ltd.

Tel Aviv, Israel

# of Office Locations:  8

# of Employees:  200

Most Recent Projects:
Correctional Services Canada
0utdoor perimeter alarm systems and personal duress alarm systems

Michigan Department of Corrections
Installation of Flare Personal Emergency Locating Systems


Corporate Philosophy

Senstar-Stellar Corporation is dedicated to being the world's leading supplier for outdoor perimeter security and personal emergency locating systems by creating superior products, providing superior service and by honoring our customer commitments. Senstar-Stellar strives to offer products and services that provide best value while satisfying the needs of our customers.&nbsp;
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