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BINJ Laboratories

<P>BINJ Laboratories, Inc. is an innovative technology company that specializes in cell phone and signal detection, defense electronics, and corrections and public safety communications.&nbsp; Led by three electronic warfare engineers with over 100 years in system engineering experience, BINJ Labs has developed a first-of-its-kind, wireless Cell Phone Detection System under the direction of corrections technologists from the Federal Bureau of Prison, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Department of Corrections.&nbsp; </P> <P>The core group at BINJ consists of a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and inventors with RFID, engineering, Global Positioning, IT, networking, embedded software design, Department of Defense contracting and manufacturing experience.&nbsp; Recently reunited at BINJ, this dream team has worked side-by-side together for over 20 years designing, testing, and installing electronic warfare and top security military technologies.&nbsp; Together they hold more than 2 dozen patents including the first laser printer.</P> <P>Last year, the team successfully designed a single smart sensor to find and locate unauthorized cell phones inside a facility.&nbsp; This year the product will be installed inside its first correctional facilities.&nbsp; BINJ is also collaborating with the Kentucky Department of Corrections to build a PREA compliant inmate tracking solution in 2007.&nbsp; In addition, BINJ is conducting extensive research to design a Denied GPS Receiver for the military - SOCOM [Special Operations Command].</P>

<P>&#8220;Illegal cell phone use is a serious threat in corrections and BINJ has designed the <BR>first-of-its-kind wireless or wired integrated cell phone detection system.&#8221; </P> <P>- Barry Nadler, Director of Product Development.</P>

Apart From The Rest...

<P>BINJ Laboratories specializes in high-tech solutions for critical security problems where no solution previously existed in the marketplace.&nbsp; &#8220;What makes us unique is that we are inventors,&#8221; says Barry Nadler, Director of Product Development at BINJ. &#8220;When you put a brain trust of former military scientists together to solve security problems, you get ground-breaking results.&#8221;</P> <P>BINJ's premier product, CellScan is the first wireless or wired integrated Cell Phone Detection System.&nbsp; </P> <P>Unique Facts about CellScan <BR>-&nbsp;Wired or wireless.<BR>-&nbsp;Detects, monitors and historically tracks cell phone activity.<BR>-&nbsp;Identifies and uniquely reports channel signal types (e.g. GSM, CDMA2000, TDMA, IS-95.)&nbsp; <BR>-&nbsp;Tracks exact location, even when phone is moving, CellScan records starting and ending positions.&nbsp; <BR>-&nbsp;Differentiates between those cell phones being used inside a facility and those that are not.<BR>-&nbsp;Requires minimal power to operate.<BR>-&nbsp;Intuitive software interface and easy install requires minimal training.<BR>-&nbsp;Wireless capability minimizes set-up costs. Eliminating need to drill through solid concrete walls.&nbsp; <BR>-&nbsp;Option to utilize inline CAT 5, DC Power.&nbsp; Eliminates need for electrician to provide power to specific locations within the facility. <BR>-&nbsp;Cutting-edge technology designed with cost effective components and ability to upgrade.</P>

Committment to Corrections

<P>Corrections is the central marketplace for BINJ Labs.&nbsp; Its management team has more than 20 years experience in the corrections industry and understands the unique challenges and priorities of today's corrections professional.&nbsp; </P> <P>CellScan, BINJ Labs' flagship product, was designed specially for correctional agencies. Working in collaboration with the nation's leading corrections technologists, the product was designed within the prison environment taking into account acoustics, wiring limitations and typical prison building construction.&nbsp; BINJ is also active in many corrections organizations and through its civic efforts, BINJ regularly contributes to the professional growth of the corrections industry.</P> <P>BINJ Labs is steadfast in its commitment to this dynamic and noble profession.</P>

Looking Forward

<P>BINJ's team of scientists and engineers are developing RFID technologies for correctional agencies.&nbsp; &#8220;We believe RFID will give agencies eyes and ears it currently does not have,&#8221; says Nadler. &#8220;When married with the well trained officer, RFID technology becomes a powerful security asset in corrections.&#8221;</P> <P>BINJ has also been approached to develop variations in its cell phone technology including smart jammers for oversees facilities. In addition, BINJ Labs will be perfecting its signal detection capabilities giving facilities an ability to detect electronic signals beyond the cell phone.&nbsp; &#8220;We have only just gotten started,&#8221; says Nadler.</P>

For More Information Contact:
Barry Nadler, Director of Product Development
BINJ Laboratories
159 Burgin Parkway, Quincy MA 02169

Phone: 617-471-4445
Toll Free:
Fax: 617-770-3339
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Corporate Facts

BINJ Laboratories

Year Started: 2004

Corporate Focus/Specialty:
cell phone and signal detection, corrections, defense electronics, public safety communication and homeland security

Certifications, Schedules, Blankets:

Owned By:
BINJ Laboratories

Quincy, Massachusetts

# of Office Locations:  1

# of Employees:  10

Most Recent Projects:
US Department of Defense
Denied GPS Receiver Research & Design

Kentucky Department of Corrections
RFID Tracking for Inmates


Corporate Philosophy

BINJ Laboratories is committed to inventive thinking and cutting-edge technologies that solve today's critical problems in corrections, law enforcement, public safety and homeland security.
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