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2 hours ago
Female user darcyzara 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Dealing with academic papers

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2 hours ago
Female user katey martin 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / How To Write Perfect Assignment

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Aug 17, 2018
Male user newyear2019 1 post

Topic: Health & Wellness / Partner addicted to alcohol


Aug 16, 2018
Male user nathanandrew... 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / How To Write Perfect Assignment

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Aug 11, 2018
Male user bruccy 2 posts

Topic: Tech Talk / iPads and Community Corrections

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Aug 08, 2018
Male user Your Tech Fr... 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Commissary Ideas

I have a possible solution to your inquiry. My company specializes in assisting corrections facilities with programs to save money and increase revenues through various means by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art software, equipment and processes. We do just that in over 600 facilities in 39 states across the US serving over 125,000+ inmates every single day. I’d be more than happy to discuss further. Let me know. Thanks

Aug 01, 2018
Female user Emy 1 post

Topic: Health & Wellness / Yoga Courses

Nice post

Jul 30, 2018
Male user CountyGuy674 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Commissary Ideas

I’m the commissary/inmate account/phones administrator for my county jail. I’m looking for ideas to streamline my process, and I’m also looking for any ideas for maybe some new technology to implement that would help not only myself, but the other officers in my facility.
Just seeing what others in my position have done that they found helped and improved productivity.

Jul 27, 2018
Male user smith 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Microsoft Certification Exams 70-740 Dumps

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Jul 26, 2018
Female user SKMetz 1 post

Topic: Letter of The Law / Mandated overtime?

Kentucky has staffing issues as well. The facility I work at had a mandated 12 hour shift 5 days a week. Some Officers worked it 6 days a week. We recently went to 12 hour shift 4 days a week. Those who want to work 5 or 6 days a week can now volunteer instead of being mandated. Staff shortages are the reason for MOT. The cycle list is used based on the last day you 1. worked OT, or called out. If you call out sick, you go to the top of the list and are mandated to work OT.

Jul 26, 2018
Male user wingsio 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Placing inmates in a kneeling position

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Jul 24, 2018
Male user kevincook 2 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / addiction affects presented health

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Jul 24, 2018
Male user kevincook 2 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Some insects attack on my son's body...

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Jul 17, 2018
Male user quickessayhelp 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Function of Education in Communal Accord?

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Jul 09, 2018
Male user Jasper 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

The major perk to corrections is there is never a shortage of overtime. If you are willing to work the pay is there. I know in my part of the country we have an opioid epidemic junkies, junkies everywhere.

Jul 03, 2018
Male user tomas wilson 1 post

Topic: Letter of The Law / Prison Rape Elimination Act

any changees

Jul 02, 2018
Male user bruccy 2 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Daily Meals

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May 16, 2018
Male user IsabelPennin... 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / Microsoft Certification Exams 70-740 Dumps


Apr 24, 2018
Male user Adam Hebrew 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Dissertation Writing Services in UK

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Apr 23, 2018
Male user UrsulaCarri 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Female going into corrections

thank u

Apr 17, 2018
Male user johnsmith262 3 posts

Topic: Everything Education / C.O. Combat Training.

Surely the Correction Officer’s are at risk trying to control the inmates. The very nature of their jobs requires them to well trained in combat skills to defend themselves and also to discipline the inmates.I’m surprised more CO’s don’t talk about this. Its insane that we face the most potential hazard on a daily basis and we get the shaft when it comes to training. I myself have been training in Gracie Jujitsu and MMA just to condition and prepare myself. private louvre museum tour

Apr 13, 2018
Female user Alea Tillman 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Patch trading

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Mar 02, 2018
Male user WalcottZelda 1 post

Topic: Health & Wellness / Research Study! Correctional Officers Needed!

Pressure is the main aspect of some bodily illnesses. Many professionals expressed that of people who visit them with numerous bodily manifestations have been happening because of abundance degrees of pressure. we are presently undertaking a look at of things of process-related related pressure among Correctional officials. This examine will assist us to apprehend those elements that expect strain reactions in addition to the one’s elements which can guard Correctional officers. UK Dissertation Writer

Jan 31, 2018
Male user haigiacmo444 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Female going into corrections


Dec 17, 2017
Male user georgeanderson 7 posts

Topic: Everything Education / Audio/Visual Materials in Prison

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