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Armory Location


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

The main armory should be outside the perimeter. Depending on the state there are policies that say just that. In Ohio we must have the main armory outside the compound for lethal weapons. We can store less than lethal in a ready armory in our control centers.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

HMB. Not to be critical but discussing this type of issue on a public forum is not a great idea. Discussing it amongst your peers in person is one thing but on an open forum is quite another.

Male user HMB 1 post

Hello Everyone,
I work in a 19 year old Direct Supervision facility. We have our armory located outside the security perimeter. We have a new lock/tool/armorer and we have increased our less than lethal and lethal weapons inventory, as such our officer wants to relocate the armory. Given the fact that the original area was designed to be outside the security perimeter, I believe it should remain outside. We are having a discussion about where to relocate it. One area is right behind our central control area, inside the security perimeter. I think that is a bad idea. Where in your jails is the armory located ( inside the perimeter or outside of it) and why do you have it there.


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