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Female user Felony Survivor 1 post

Dear worried Grandma,
I have a felony for rear ending someone while drunk in 2010 (that God no one was injured, the guy never even went to the hospital) that happened after losing everything I ever worked for in a three year divorce. It is a class E felony, but I have been ostracized from society ever since. Prior to this I was a successful business owner, on several boards of directors. Now I am putting my son through college on disability (the only thing I received in my divorce was my kid’s college fund which I never touched) due to my Addison’s Disease getting worse after being stalked for three years and now suffer from PTSD from the horrors of divorce. I hardly think I should be shunned from society for this, but I am. I just wanted to give you a quick back story of who I am.

I understand that you are concerned about your three year old grandson because you have a sex offender living in the same building. Sex offenders, like felons, all get lumped into the same category. Find out what his crime really was. You should be able to look it up online in your state’s records. It could be as simple as a 20 year old sleeping with his 16 year old girlfriend. Just get all of the information before panicking. You can become a sex offender by urinating in public in some states.

Female user Worried Grandma 2 posts

Thank you. Things are looking better for us in regards to regaining custody of my grandson. He has been assigned a Guardian Ad Litem and she does not like the fact of my grandson living where he does, which also caused her to check into police reports filed and I will say OMG, there are a lot in a short period of time. That weighs in our favor too. I still continue to wonder why? But I guess I will never get the answer. Thank you again and be safe out there.

Male user Alex 16 posts

Late reply but I do have the displeasure of now working in a sex offender “treatment” unit. This comes with extra training etc to deal with these lovely folks. what info you can find will vary depending where you live. What you can do about it is pretty much nothing besides make sure you are aware him and keep an eye out and tell others to do the same. It might be little comfort but if his offence is against a teenager then chances are lower he will target a child under 12. Most wont venture younger then puberty. If he offended against an adult then the risk for you 3 year old is likely even lower.

Female user Worried Grandma 2 posts

I am posting this in hopes of gaining more knowledge as to the rights of the public vs registered sex offenders, and hoping to protect my 3 yr old Grandson. I recently was made aware that my grandson is living in the same house as a registered sex offender, but told there are different levels of a sex offender. That if his crime was NOT against a child and or minor then it is fine to have the two living under the same roof? It scares me to death to think that this is where my grandson is forced to live. So I guess I am trying to get answers to, How can I find out the circumstances of this sex offender if he is allowed to be around children or not? On this sex offenders court records or should I say his convictions it says his crimes were against an adult, but when I go to the state statutes under which he plead guilty to, they state the age being some where between 13 to 15? I do not consider that age an adult. Please help if anyone can..
Thank you in advance.

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