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May 21, 2012
Funny pictures the dog started it1 OKProcedures 5 posts

Topic: In Memory of... / Oklahoma Probation & Parole Officer Jeff McCoy

Oklahoma Probation & Parole Officer Jeff McCoy was murdered in the line of duty on Friday, May 18, 2012 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Here is a link to the story:


Jeff is truly a member of our DOC family as his mother currently works for the department, and his father is retired from here. Jeff leaves behind a wife and two young children. This is an extremely sad and tragic situation.

Feb 01, 2012
Funny pictures the dog started it1 OKProcedures 5 posts

Topic: The Club House / A Rather Pissing Me Off Thing

One thing I’d like to clarify on my post is that we only allow offenders to attend funerals within the state of Oklahoma. They don’t fly anywhere – they are driven in a state van. If it is out of state, it is not allowed.

Jan 06, 2012
Funny pictures the dog started it1 OKProcedures 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / cutting of inmate hair

When our male offenders come through assessment and reception, their hair is cut extremely short and their picture is taken. After that, they are allowed to grow it out, but policy states:
Thereafter, male hairstyles and appearances, including facial hair, will not conflict with security, sanitation, safety, or health requirements of the department.
The growing, shaving, cutting, or styling of hair will remain in compliance with this procedure and with conventional community standards.

Now – that said – I don’t know how you judge “conventional community standards.” We basically allow them to have their hair as long as they want to, as long as they maintain their hygiene.

If they grow facial hair or long hair after their picture is taken as a new arrival, they are supposed to pay $5 to have a new i.d. made, but I don’t think that is enforced very often. Maybe in extreme cases. We normally take their picture around once a year or so anyway, or when their level changes, so they don’t normally end up paying for them.

Jan 06, 2012
Funny pictures the dog started it1 OKProcedures 5 posts

Topic: The Club House / A Rather Pissing Me Off Thing

In Oklahoma, USA, we do allow limited visits. The lower the security level of the offender, the less stringent the policy regarding the visit. If the offender is medium security, he can ONLY go to a funeral home visit (Not the funeral – but prior to) and no family is to be around when he arrives or we will not allow the visit/viewing of the body.

At minimum the offender has a choice of a hospital visit, nursing home visit of a critically ill family member, home visit at a residence of a critically ill family member receiving hospice care, a funeral home family visit or to attend the funeral of an immediate or extended family member (extended means grandparent, etc.) Now this is only good for one visit – if they choose a hospital visit and then want to go to the funeral – they can go to a 2nd visit (if we have the manpower), but they have to pay for it.

At community level and lower they get two emergency visits.

With that said, all this hinges on their behavior. If they are deemed a threat to the public for any reason, they won’t go. If their behavior has been negative, such as class X misconducts, they may not go. They basically have to be behaving in a way to “earn” the visit.

My feelings, being fairly liberal personally, are that they should be allowed the one visit if they meet the criteria. Like dan, I think we need to be humane, without being too soft. If we are too short-staffed, then it will not be allowed, and I’m okay with that. Maybe the offenders family will complain and someone will pay attention to how short-staffed we are. Overall, there are not a lot of these trips taken, but they do happen. I’m good with us doing it if the offender has earned it.

Sep 08, 2011
Funny pictures the dog started it1 OKProcedures 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Is ethics missing from training programs?

I work for the Oklahoma DOC and we require Ethics both for new staff members and at annual in-service training. I do believe many may “sleep” through this training, but at the same time think maybe someone who needs to may be paying attention – especially when we have to listen to it annually.
Sometimes you’ll get a class provider who makes it a little more interesting and brings everyone into the discussion, so maybe…hopefully…some will get it who need it. We also have a “Code of Silence” class in our online training annually – so this touches on some of the same issues.

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