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Nov 27, 2011
Female user Laur1017 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Officer image

Taz, I sympathize with you completely. I feel the exact same way. My morale is just about the lowest it’s ever been and I just started at a different facility a month ago. I’ve had maybe 3 “good days” so far. I agree with sniper though, you have to keep your head up, roll with the punches and just “smile and nod”. In the meantime keep looking for something else or a transfer or something. I have a few years experience and just because I"m at a different facility I’m still getting rookie treatment and people act like I don’t know anything about corrections…and the attitude that rookies get is astounding. I feel that if someone is being rude to you or giving you an attitude, you have two options (especially in this field): get in their face right back at them and show them that you can give it back. some people respond better to that than playing nice which can be seen as weakness. OR be overly nice and polite to them, it might get on their nerves and hurt them more. unfortunately you just have to try one or the other and see what that person responds to because everyone is different. that still doesn’t explain the constant rudeness (between staff) though. i don’t understand that and never will.

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