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Feb 22, 2012
Male user sam 5 posts

Topic: Everything Education / Cultural diversity

I’ve also taught in-service academy and pre-service classes about cutural diverisity for our Office. You are welcome to text me at 801-231-1527 and we’ll talk.
Thanks, Sam.

Jan 20, 2012
Male user sam 5 posts

Topic: The Club House / Starting Career in Corrections

I’ve had the opportunity assisted the H.R. department to conduct a background check on 4 different individuals and the process takes up to 3 weeks. I have to check our database to see if the individual have any arrest record and also check with the BCI as well. Once that done I turned my files in to them and usually the Sergeant in H.R. will contact you and let you know whether you are select for the next step……and that is medicals. It took me about 6 months before I got hired on with Salt Lake County Sheriff Office. So be patience. You will go thru academy for anoher 3-6 months before you even work.

Jan 04, 2012
Male user sam 5 posts

Topic: Security Central / Inmates and disposable razors

Due to numbers of suicide attempt incident this year, we are recently change our razor policy. I hope this help in someway, we collected all the razor and allow inmates to check out the razor with their IDs once a day, either in the morning before heading out to Court or later at night before lockdown. They must return the razor with in an hour of checking it out. I am hoping this way we save money and be vigilant while we are supervise prisoners in a unit.

Jan 04, 2012
Male user sam 5 posts

Topic: Security Central / Should inmates with aggravated charges allow to work while they are in Jail to earn good times?

I am in the Westcoast area and our Jail Post Order stated that prisoners with aggravated charges are not allow to work in the kitchen since there are things can use as weapon while they are in the kitchen and also while they are out in the garden. What we have been doing is to allowed (overide) those with aggraveted charges to participate working in the Garden and as a internal unit worker to earn good times but not in the kitchen. Most of these inmate have completed Jail Programs such as life skills classes and C.A.T.S. (Correctional Addiction Treament Services). We found that they work hard and focus on the tasks we gave them better than those that dont have aggravated charges.
What have your Jail done regarding to this issue? Or what do you think personally as an Officer?

Jan 03, 2012
Male user sam 5 posts

Topic: The Club House / National Corrections Week

Does anyone knows what weekend in May is the National Corrections Week?

Thank you.

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