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Nov 06, 2015
Male user JuvcorrecSco 3 posts

Topic: Security Central / Use of restraint chairs Juvenile facility

Looking for any information and or contact persons working in Juvenile Corrections. We are looking to push for restraint chairs at our facility, and the administration is pushing for JDAI compliance. Two schools of thought are about to collide and we are trying to obtain information on any juvenile correctional facilities that are currently JDAI compliant but still have retained their tools such as restraint chairs, uniforms, badges ect.. These folks want to take it all away and we are trying to show them that there are facilities out there that have both. Any help would be appreciated.

Nov 06, 2015
Male user JuvcorrecSco 3 posts

Topic: Juvenile Jam / Restraint chair use

Can anyone provide me with some contacts regarding the use of restraint chairs and other control tools in facilities that are JDAI compliant and or going through the process. Looking to find out information as to what items that these facilities may have at their disposal to still utilize.

Mar 07, 2014
Male user JuvcorrecSco 3 posts

Topic: Juvenile Jam / Safety of juvenile correction officers and support staff

In our facility we are allowd to utilize mechanical restraint (Hand cuffs and leg irons) but only so after we have utilized and exhausted all other methods that are listed in our policy and procedure manual with regards to a acting out or assaultive and or self abusive juvenile resident, as they are called in our facility. Crisis intervention techniques, verbal de-escalation, then video camera monitoring of their behavior, if all of these fail then we are authorized to enter a cell and physically engage the juvenile offender and secure them in mechanical restraints until they can contract/agree to have the ability to maintain a level of self control. Soft helmets are utilized as well for those that insist on slamming their heads against cell beds, walls and doors/windows ect. A large percentage of our juvenile correctional staff have been injured during these types of protracted restraint procedures. Having access to and authorization to use a chemical restraint (OC-or Pepper) delivered via a Mark 8 through the cell door would greatly reduce the injury rate to both the juvenile and the responding staff. But like most of you that have posted here. Our administration only see’s the possible misuse senario, not the increased value with regards to safety. The ultimate irony to our situation is that our juveniles are transported to and from our facility via our State Sherriff Department. When juveniles actout or fight in the transport vans or the holding cells located in the County Court Houses. The Sherriffs are authorized to spray them with OC to quickly quell the situation all the way up to our facilities main perimeter security gate and into the sally port. But once inside the mantrap doors and custody is pased back off to our staff. It’s a NO GAS – NO GO.. We beg to ask the question, what changed when they stepped thru the facilties doors??? We are currently in talks with admin via our union about this exact question at the present time. But this has been a back and forth discussion for the past three years. So only time will tell. It is sad to say that within the world of Juvenile corrections it takes a horrific act of violence to happen to a staff member for admin to stand up and take notice of just how dangerouse todays offenders really are and what the impulsive mind of these juveniles can perpertrate. Sorry for the long winded responce, but this is also a cathartic way for me to vent some of the many fustration faced by all of us who have chosen this profession.

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